May 28, 2013

Weekend Reprise

A five burner BBQ that breaks down into two smaller pieces.

No, we didn’t barbeque, but we did almost everything else.  We went to a graduation, and we went up to Fort Rosecrans.  We went out to dinner three times and lunch once, we went to the movies, we ran errands in four stores, he worked as a docent, and I read books.  The medicine cabinet was cleaned out as was a bookcase.  There was a drop or two of housework mixed in there also.  Grumpy got a good run, and I only left my cane behind in one bathroom.  What more could one want.

Year before last, in a park redesign, the city removed the built in BBQ near where we have our Friday night meetings.  Last year the meeting used a borrowed grill.  At the end of the BBQ season, he took his grill to another meeting.  Folks do things like that. 

This year the meeting decided to buy their own BBQ.  The problem was, it had to come apart into two pieces to go into a car, SUV or pickup with a lid like Grumpy’s.  It also had to be big enough to cook burgers and hot dogs for about 40 all at once.  We never saw one on our travels that met these requirements.

The Geezer found one online, and Sears shipped it in less than a week.  After seeing the new Fast and Furious 6, yes we did that, he put the new BBQ together.  Yes, the top latches to the bottom, and yes too, it will fit in almost any vee-hickle.  Thanks to the Geezer, we have BBQ lift-off for many summers to come.

  • Keeping those on the Midwest and east coast in my thoughts.
  • Himself:  Put up with seeing FF6…what a kind man.  He had a whole afternoon to play games on his computer too.  Got a second pair of smaller denims at my least favorite store, Walmart.
  • Herself:  Followed G, ran errands, bought a pair of larger pants, and had too many deserts for my 29th birthday weekend.
  • Reading:  Two forgettable mysteries that are now going to the store tomorrow.
  • Balance:  Having the time to sit comfortably in my living room chair.


    1. Sounds like a very busy weekend! I did as little as possible. Dinner again soon? Having issues commenting on your diary via my iPhone again.

    2. I love your shot of the Bay. The garage looks empty. Wonder how long it will take you to refill it? We did some things over the weekend, but mostly laid low to avoid all the tourist traffic. Very busy around here on Memorial Day. David reading the Navy book and laughing. To doc this PM to have stiches removed. Dianne

    3. We had a very quiet was boring. Plenty of cool weather and no place we wanted to go. If we sell the big house, we will have money again and might go out to eat on occasion.

    4. Sorry to put this link here b ut this one's for you:

    5. You had a productive weekend! And I love the grill!

      Where does Geezer 'docent'?

    6. What a full, and what sounds like a fulfilling, weekend.

      About the park redesign, is it a sign of my advancing years that every change touted as an improvement does away with something that worked great for me?

    7. Full marks to finding exactly the right grill. I was a failure at trying to buy a blusher this am on line.

    8. Checking out your GR site. Fun. I can see things I could not on my own site. When you write a review I will be able to see if you recommended the book. Dianne


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