June 4, 2013

A Balancing

Book Art Image copyright from Offbeatenarth.com.

I truly enjoy the days that are filled with bits and bobbles of this and that.  They create a balance in my mind that works.  Yin and Yang.  Write and read indeed.  They leave me feeling positive about my days.

Yes, water aerobics first.  The weather is changing, and I shuffled out to the pool like a five hundred year old sloth.  The hot tub and those range of motion stretches improved my morning…as did laughter with friends, and I came back to edit that piece about my mother for the last time. 

I heard from http://www.timegoesby.net/elderstorytelling/2013/06/in-total-silence.html>Ronni Bennett that my negative piece about the house chaos
was to be published on her blog today also.  Feeling rather writerly I printed off a copy of “Mother” and headed to FedEx Office, ExKinkos, to print up twenty copies for class.  Right around the corner, in the same building is the American Cancer Society’s Discovery Shop where I Volunteer two days a week.  This week three.

Sunday I had stopped in and discovered five huge boxes of cookbooks plus three giant boxes of kiddy lit filling the sorting area.  I shelved them filling the new book storage area half way to the ceiling.  Yesterday I discovered another eleven boxes of books stacked just waiting for me.  Yes, I peeked in the boxes.  The first few had encyclopedia yearly updates.  Those aren’t very useful any more.

Did you know there is a whole art form using old books?  Google Images of Book Art.  Check out these carefully folded works by http://www.booooooom.com/2011/01/19/book-art-by-isaac-salazar/>Isaac Salazar

Copyright Isaac Salazar.

Yes, I didn’t get those five boxes of books out of the way.  I was so proud of myself.  I posted the days I would be gone in July and August, came home to make a poster for an art book table, dozed over the computer, cooked a not memorable meal.  I’ll talk about learning to use the Cuisinart later. 

Yes, there are some really good days around here even if I end up dozing off over my computer. 

  • Keeping those on the Midwest and east coast in my thoughts.
  • Himself:  Feeling a little better.  Did work.  Didn’t go to his Poway meeting tho.
  • Herself:  Didn’t draw.  Didn’t feel guilty either.
  • Reading:  Galbraith’s “Name Dropping,” a light weight, few moments with the famous.
  • Balance:  Reading Galbraith while the potatoes cooked.


    1. The book art with the tentacled monster swallowing the ship is mind boggling.

      I taught my girls how to do this 'art' in Scouts, but our art was very simple.


    2. Those updates for encyclopedias would make great books to use for that "art" ....which I love. Perhaps if the store has an "art" section, you could post a picture suggesting purchase of those books for that purpose....

    3. Those updates for encyclopedias would make great books to use for that "art" ....which I love. Perhaps if the store has an "art" section, you could post a picture suggesting purchase of those books for that purpose....

    4. I was going to write the same thing as Terri said. Recycle is the best. I have to post an artwork made from a metal filing cabinet!!

    5. That is quite a lot of bits and bobbles! The book art is fascinating; don't think I've ever seen such.

      Kudos to you for volunteering.

      And thanks for sharing your thoughts on being calm; Especially the part about not multitasking while talking to friends. :)

    6. These book art are really amazing! It must take so much patience, inspiration and creativity to come up with these designs. I'm tempted to go bend some pages now.

    7. That book art is amazing. I have been seeing women and teen girls in our favorite coffee shop pasting book pages together, painting and then writing and drawing.

      I finally asked what they were doing and evidently it is a combination of a craft and a form of journaling.

      My fav of this post: Didn’t draw. Didn’t feel guilty either.

      Bravo for banishing unwarranted guilt. Healthy, healthy, healthy!

    8. My daughter in NY introduced me to those books a year or two ago. They are stupendous! (Is that a real word?! It just slipped out of my fingers.)


    What a delight to get a note from you. Thanks for leaving one.


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