June 28, 2013

A Moment with Color

Agapanthus’s outside my front door.

Would you believe, I took the day off.

Light through the stained glass window on the new hall wall color.

Life is Really in the Footnotes:
  • Himself:  Went north to work and came home to an early dinner.  More “West Wing.”
  • Herself:  Books, grocery shopping, reading, a little art.  Cooking dinner with G: beef and peapods over rice.
  • Reading:  Another “Cadel.”
  • Balance:  The quiet coolness of the living room.


    1. You call this a day off? I'd say you accomplished a thing or three. 8-)

    2. Stay cool and hydrated in these upcoming days!

    3. Your place was lovely before. I hope to see it again next year? Love the photos. Art is in the best places. Dianne

    4. A day off every now and then is good. I plan that for myself tomorrow!

    5. I'm going to tell the bereavement group of your wonderful use of colour. It's a joy all around.
      Alas my agapanthus, so far, is just a tiny bud or two.

    6. How will I ever learn the names of flowers with so many names like Agapanthus? :) Very lovely to look at.

    7. ps. You are not awful for having low/no card enthusiasm. You had company with another blog friend who said the same thing. :)

    8. I have been doing lots of crafty type art and then I come to your blog and realize I really need to hone my eye and do some "art"!!

    9. What a gorgeous wall reflection. It's those kinds of things that make our home view special.

    10. I like that lovely streak of light on your warm walls.

    11. Loved the stained glass streaks on the wall. It reminded me of how the sun would shine in my kitchen window and hit a stained glass object casting such gorgeous colors for a few moments.

    12. And you know how much I love purple.


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