June 16, 2013

A Really Good Dad

Unheralded, he took on the task of being the dad to a 45 year old woman.  She had a hard life, and she was making a wonderful path to a new life when he became a dad.  Perhaps it began with a few small answers to questions.  Along the way, he stepped in and was there whenever she needed him.  He’s turned into one of the best dad’s I know. 

Sometimes being a dad is a gift that creeps up on you.

Life is Really in the Footnotes:

  • Himself:  Was takenn out to dinner by his old secretary.  Both miss the rental car business, but both are living good lives.  Pictures tomorrow.

  • Herself:  Feeling really fat.

  • Reading:  The Burning House, a book about what would you take with you if your house was on fire.  I note that most pages are on younger folk.  Few are my age.  So…what would you take with you if your house was on fire?

  • Balance:  A quiet day.  A shower.  Some time with "the Dad."


    1. I'm still so jealous of your daughter's teeth! Such a beautiful smile! And I think women would do well to consider before marriage what kind of father he would make. I chose the best father for my yet to be daughters and got the gold ring! I don't know if I could take anything with me if my house were seriously burning; I just hope Superman finds out in time. My bookshelves are pretty heavy! ;-(

    2. What a feel good photo! As for the burning house, I'd probably grab my purse, my meds, and if there was time photos of my kids. Pretty mundane eh?

    3. Gift Dad's are sometime just what is needed to heal old wounds. You know that a Gift Dad has no expectations.

    4. I'd probably grab the old photo albums, my purse, our meds, hidden metal can of money and the two books I wrote.
      My son became a Dad when the girls were teenagers and they love him as much as he loves them.

    5. If our house was on fire, I would grab my dog Johnny and flee. Unfortuantely, I could not save my parrots, and David would have to crawl out his sliding door to the roof over the porch and yell for help. He would grab the other dog who sleeps with him.

      Hopefully, we will never face that fear. Not cooking is a good way to avoid house fires.

      Yes the weight thing is a bummer. Two weeks ago, I gained 2 pounds (blame the birthday celebration), lost a pound the next week, and gained it back last week. Don't give up. The plateau thing eventually end. Dianne

      PS Congrats to Geoge. Connie loves her "sober" Dad best and she gained him when she was 21 and one year almost sober. Now we are all there for granddaugher #3 who is in month six of sobriety at age 22. Several more kids to go.

    6. I would take my 1965 Martin guitar. And....George is an amazing man. Love George!

    7. Things to grab in a fire right after my husband......purse, handmade book my bff wrote for me about our years of friendship (she passed away in 2012),kindle fire,the small treasures on my little altar next to my bed. By this time fire engines are here and I'm being treated for smoke inhalation because I didn't leave when I should have!! The reality is that I was actually in a house fire as a child.......and we ran out with nothing.......but all were safe:))))

    8. At least one photo of MTL - they are an ever present comfort.
      My boys slowly came to love and trust their step-dad.


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