June 29, 2013

Going Slowly

Running his errands.

We ran our errands early as the heat increased throughout the day.  I took a book and should have taken two.  Today’s the day I need to baste my white lace collar on my costume but smogging the Toyota, Myrtle, came first. 

Myrtle passed everything with flying colors, and we got her registered easily at the AAA office.  We had our half sandwiches and now I’m here putting out a light weight blog for the day.  Flowers need watering, dinner needs buying, and as I finished the book at the AAA office, another book needs starting. 

This is the first year that both the truck and the Toyota needed to get smogged at the same time.  The fees are dramatically lower, but as usual Grumpy will trump the bank account with his need for a new exhaust system and catalytic converter.  We will cross our fingers and hope the gods let him pass the test, but I can’t imagine they will let us get away with it. 

Then again, life is pretty darned good around here.  Really good will really be a chrome tip on his new exhaust pipe. 

Life is Really in the Footnotes:
  • Himself:  Very successful BBQ last night.  The food was good.  Good crowd.  Everybody ate everything but all the lettuce, tomatoes, and red onion slices.  Today cheering Myrtle’s smog, and he is off to docent at the museum.  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_West_Wing>More “West Wing” after dinner.
  • Herself:  On slo-mo yesterday but got all the stuff ready to go in time.  Today rode along with G taking a book.  Making dinner salad out of the left over lettuce, tomatoe slices, and red onion.  More West Wing tonight….not very realistic, but lots of fun.
  • Reading:  Another Cadell.
  • Balance:  Going slowly through the day again.  Smiling.

    1. The way our society has changed over the years I cannot imagine any West Wing that would have been produced a few decades before could possible keep up with our political evolution. Never heard smogging...sounds British.

    2. Love that rose. So what is "smogging"? is that a California custom cause your termites eat cars or something? Sorry, that's my brain going off track again. Termites up the block eating houses, hopefully not our which has been treated Eastern seaboard style. Dianne

      PS did you notice the photo of the steam I took yesterday? Thought of you with your steam punk atuff.

    3. Sounds like a good day for both of you and your car(s). Glad you are enjoying life. So has the new added windows and so on made your house more comfy?

    4. There is much to be said for slow, especially if the alternative is not going at all.

    5. Oh gosh! Wooow! This is so beautiful! And you had a good day on top of this. Lovely.


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