June 8, 2013

Jacaranda Blue

Although the traditional June gloom is with us, it’s balanced by the yearly display by the Jacaranda trees.

Although getting in and out of the car or truck gets harder every day, I can still catch  the drama of orange and blue moments like these near us.  And too, just down the street from us is a whole block lined with brilliant blue.  I long to lay in the grass and shoot up into the color letting it fill my soul and my camera’s eye.

Perhaps I can do this today with G there to help me up.

When I lived and worked and Front and Fir Street, downtown, I planted Jacaranda trees on two street sides of this Victorian house.  The preservation organization I worked for paid for the trees, and two friends dug holes in the very hard rocky soil.  Today there is a gap in the row of trees, but the remaining trees shine brilliantly against the bright yellow of the freshly painted house.

Our yards in this complex offer an agapanthus or two.  We are very bland here.  Beige buildings, brown trim, and lots of greenery just when we should be watering less.  Very unadventuresome.  Still our small blues are beautiful too.  Perhaps today I will go get an image or two to share.  I’m in love with summer colors….as my ruined skin attests.

  • Himself:  Worked hard filling in for vacationers yesterday.  Feeling better at last.  Meeting, and social hour afterwards.  He’s doing good.

  • Herself:  I worked my tail off with books yesterday.  It was our “Vintage Sale” time, and just last week eleven boxes of 1950’s through early ‘60’s novels came in.  The book section cheerfully participated in the sale for the first time.  Now this Saturday afternoon, I's stuck at home with a Grumpy without brakes.  The pedal went to the floor on me during an emergency stop yesterday, and today it did it to G.  At the moment, he's not safe at any speed.

  • Reading:  Haven’t made the time to finish the Galbraith, and now have picked up a bio of Lindburgh and another on the Politics behind WWII.

  • Balance:  Sleep, maybe a nap.


    1. I will post my crazy list next week. Saw myself in a rather new light. I think it is so wonderful that your heritage is two lovely trees blooming. Who knows how that might uplift a soul some morning! Love that minimalist photo...but on my laptop the color is more orange than yellow.

    2. That is a beautiful blue....and the wall shows up orange on my screen as well but it is still stunning!

    3. Thank you! I see those trees around here every year and so far no one I've asked has been able to tell me what they're called. NOW I KNOW! I haven't read a Lindbergh bio but I did read the book of letters from Anne published by her daughter. He wasn't such a nice man after all. My opinion. I'd be interested in how your book paints him.

    4. I love blue trees. Not too many in Hawaii.

    5. Blue in plants is so special.
      I'd love to have a jacaranda tree. I had a deep blue ceanothis but lost it.
      In Scotland they had amazing blue poppies.

    6. Would love to know which book on the politics of WWII you are reading. Too bad about Good Reads. If you haven't quit the site, I will tell you how to enter books (its easy). Gailbreth...is that Peter by any chance? Been reading about him in the Power book.

      Bought her 'Chasing the Flame' yesterday, but I have to get back to my FDR book and finish it first. You know how it is. Even on Kindle, the books are stacked to read. Washington Post says the 'Flame' book is more about REAL policy she might employ? More pragmatic?



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