June 13, 2013


Gotta shrink the folks in the middle window.

Then there are days when lots gets done at work and little at home.  That’s ok too.  The thousands of cookbooks are now all priced by Joan.  They can go out on the floor in increments.  We have so many books now that there’s a sale also.  I managed three wagonloads of cookbooks, and I will check back today.

Bill donated giant new shelves.  Perhaps the gods have filled them up because they are available?  I’m just getting that giant cookbook collection, thank you for donating, out.  As soon as they are gone, life will return to normal. 

I’m much slowed down at work now.  I hobble.  Slowly.  Not complaining, mind you, just stating a fact.  I come home and am not inclined to draw.  I can hear the color calling tho.

Life is Really in the Footnotes:
  • Himself:  He worked an audit queue again as the other worker bee had the flu.  Salad dinner out….we like tender greens.  Desert at home, darn it.
  • Herself:  Foodwize, everything but the  desert went well.  Tried to sit on the floor at work, and this wasn’t a success.  Came home early as a result.
  • Reading:  Three cookbooks out of the 1920’s….one from an old radio show.
  • Balance:  Sitting comfortably.


    1. Such talent...I am envious. Keep hobbling and keep up the spirit.

    2. Ouch! Sitting on the floor is not good for a woman about to have hip surgery.

    3. I will come visit you in the hospital. So glad you will be feeling better soon!

    4. That drawing (painting) really appeals to me. I love it just the way it is!

    5. I love seeing the colors make the picture come to life. Please continue to post a photo as you add more color. What a wonderful talent you have with color, photography, art and home decorating. I always enjoy seeing what you have created.

    6. Love your painting. Thinking about you and your new hip, those I know who've had them have been delighted with the results.

    7. Hope the "sitting comfortably" footnote means no dire effects from your ambitious floorsitting.

    8. I'm with Alice - you don't need color in the drawing. It speaks without it.

    9. Such a pity I can't drop things in to you.

    10. Mage, thanks for asking, struggling a bit with the physical self, something I suspect you are all to familiar with. I did haul out a canvas I started months ago, and some paint though. An abstract and my whole focus has changed in those months. Your notes on your art are so good to see.


    What a delight to get a note from you. Thanks for leaving one.


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