June 22, 2013

Salsa Fresca

The latest fad on the bay...

The days are warm and sunny here.  The blue skies tempt us out doors and encourage simple foods for meals.  There’s nothing low fat or low calorie about quesadillas or their accompaniments, but I love their ease of prep.

Earlier in the week, I’d bought avocados, tomatoes, cilantro, and a jalapeno to make guacamole and a salsa…salsa fresca.  Cooking these three things for two isn’t hard at all.  Put some cheddar cheese between two flour tortillas, and pop them on a frying pan or grill.  Melt the cheese.  Quesadilla done.

Perhaps I could use the Cuisinart for the salsa, I thought.  Sensibly, I also pulled out the long awaited instruction book.  Sure enough, there were recipes for both guacamole and salsa fresca on the same page.  I started by reading the guacamole.  There were lots of spices listed I never add, but there were the avocado, onion, tomato, jalapeno, and cilantro.  I even had a tired lemon that I could trim down and use for the squeeze of lemon needed for tartness.

I actually followed most of these directions chopping things in chunks and whizzing them through the Cuisinart in batches.  I had beautiful bowls of chopped onions, cilantro, and jalapeno next to the semi chunky avocado.  It worked, and I felt heroic….remember my other kitchen machines are dated 1939.

Before doing anything more, I read the recipe for the salsa fresca.  It used all the same ingredients.  Whoops.  I’d used my only jalapeno in the guacamole.  It was a very good thing I hadn’t stirred it all together yet.

I had to laugh at myself.  Yes, it all tasted really great when the guacamole got just a little of the onion, cilantro, and jalapeno and the salsa got the rest.

Life is Really in the Footnotes:

  • Himself:  Computer problems with two computers on Thursday, but by Friday he was back having fun.  They have picked up a new account, and soon he will be training a new person to do subrogations.  Meeting by the bay and two more “West Wings.”

  • Herself:  Friday: Pool, deleting online images in 2008, fun at the big sale, home to upload on facebook for the store, made Mexican for dinner, meeting, and “West Wing.”  We have both become “West Wing” addicts.

  • Reading:  Another Cadell.  Some of these are very dated, but once you get started it’s hard to put them down.

  • Balance:  ”West Wing.”


    1. I love guacamole. Ditto quesadillia. (sp). Had one earlier this week with cheese, egg and tomato. Very good.

      I'm wondering what happens when the guy comes down in the photo. Great shot BTW. Dianne

    2. Delicious, had homemade guacamole and chips as dinner accompaniment for son#1 and I last night. I've gotten re-hooked on West Wing too. It amazes how current the story lines are.

    3. Just hold down on the amount of tortillas/chips...all the rest is super healthy and not so calorie high. I have an avocado...now need to make some guacamole tomorrow.

    4. What a photo! I'm with Dianne. What is the story on the return trip? Enjoyed your dinner prep then spent some time on Google trying to process the meaning of "subrogation." Finally, some clarity via Investopedia.

    5. All this talk about subrogation makes me miss those days when I, too, was in the midst of that insurance claims work.
      Your food sounds delicious as well as seeing President Josiah Bartlet....I'm currently watching Season #7 of Dexter...which I love.

    6. Many of my best "whoops in the kitchen moments" have become favorites. Trouble is I can rarely duplicate them later.

    7. Wow! That photo got my attention!

      Anyway, the salsa and guacamole is much more interesting to me. Yum!

      Glad you've mastered the Cuisinart!


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