June 23, 2013

Sunday Snippits

Car Wash spray bottles all in a row.  No smelly stuff in my truck please.

  • Google is getting rid of it’s reader in favor of “feedly.”  Feedly isn’t user friendly, and it’s complications are taking over my computer.  Even the great Geezer can’t quite figure out how to banish it from opening before my EarthLink page.  I signed up last month, transferred my Reader links, and decided it was too much hassle to use.  I have my own list and use that.  Now I just need to figure out how to unsubscribe and I will be a happy artist.
  • It’s wash and wax Grumpy day again today.  Somehow while sitting out in the complex during the window installation stuff, Grumpy got hit with a dash of brown-grey-black overspray.  We were not impressed.  He had a great coat of wax on him when he was parked.  A second coat of wax will get the overspray off hopefully easily.
  • Finished a piece on old cookbooks.  It has a good punch line, but it needs to be tightened up for better all over punch factor.
  • Three local estate sales yesterday.  G found some excellent tie thingy’s….those looping chains one puts around a button to hold one’s tie in place.  He hates to have holes in his ties.  One thing he has is nice ties.
  • Last night we went to see the “One Act Theater Group” do their “Theatrics” show as a fund raiser.  Nope, they aren’t singers.  Nope, they aren’t dancers either.  Our friend Captain Poolie can sing, but she is a far, far better comedian with perfect timing for the one liner.  We had a fun night out.

    Life is Really in the Footnotes:
  • Himself:  Friday:  He had a good day.  Kids weren’t too unruly at the museum with the automotive toys.  He says the show is a good amateur production and it’s a good thing they don’t quit their day jobs.
  • Herself:  Had a lot of fun finding clothes that fit and a lot more fun finding out the new seat G got me really worked,
  • Reading:  Nothing now, something later.
  • Balance:  Getting one or two more plants for the deck.  Ommmmmmm.


    1. Hope Grumpy is better. Had a dark blue car that got dusted with white house paint once, it did come off nicely but ugh!

    2. Love those estate sales. Never buy much but enjoy the browse and interesting people. The occasional find is lagniappe.

      Sounds like you had a full and enjoyable day.

    3. I love shopping for plants, and you have such a nice place to put them too. Tell G David gave his old Fiat away. I think he noticed it when you were here. Our neighbor is soooo happy to see the empty space on the street. Dianne

    4. It was so much fun having you at the show! You guys rock!

    5. Good luck with the new wax and with your latest writing efforts.

    6. Mage, who but you could have made such an artful shot of spray cleaners!? I'm getting better myself, thanks to your influence, but still I'm not sure I would have thought to take a picture of spray bottles. Kudos.

    7. Oops! I hope you got that last comment. I'm using my daughter's laptop and it's a little awkward.


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