June 30, 2013

To the Fair

…with scattered images from past years.

Sky swings.  2011.
The Firemen’s Destruction Derby…..we had a lot of fun there last year.  2012.

We always go through the animal barns.  A llama from 2011.

Taking turns, 2011.  We won’t do that this year.

Ready for the 4th.  2012.

The magic of the midway at the close of the day.  2012.

Smogging is Really in the Footnotes:
  • Smogging:  All vehicles in California must pass a smog test.  There is a limit to CO2, the hydrocarbons, and anything else that comes out of the exhaust pipe is measured and must be within certain limits.  In Virginia and other states, vehicles must pass safety inspections.  Here, because of the horrific air quality of the 50’s and 60’s, vehicle emissions are closely monitored.  Gross poluters are taken off the road.  Other vehicles that don’t pass the tests can be repaired and tested three more times.  As an example, last year Grumpy didn’t pass the first time around.  His injectors were clogged.  We added injector cleaner.  We will have to do that again….maybe the exhaust and catalytic converter too.  Google smog testing.  You will be surprised.


    1. I loved your fair visits. The close-up of the llama was a bonus. My first llama encounter was when i took a little neighbor boy I was babysitting to our town's playground and small zoo.

      Back then only fencing separated the Kamper Zoo residents and visitors. In spite of my warning, little Michael reached in and pulled something on a llama reclining against the fence. The offended llama turned around and spit on him. Lesson learned!

    2. Thanks for your update on smogging. I lived in CA in the late 1950s (San Diego) and don't recall seeing too much pollution. I think it was mostly centered on LA? Dianne

      PS That Llama has been around the block a few times. Poor baby.

    3. Mage, your photos always show such action, life, emotion and beauty.

    4. You can tell photography runs in your family. What might be a snapshot for others (such as I) actually has impact in your photos. I am glad that scooters are no longer the fashion at your house!


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