June 18, 2013

Writing About Naps

Pulleys, 2007

Among my thousands of projects is one to clean out my online photo host albums.  I swear, as soon as I get twenty or so photos moved around or deleted on Snapfish, I add another twenty.  Today I’m far away in 2007, and I think I’ve already been here.  The folders have been reduced to just a few, and they have a feel of permanency.

Nothings the same in my living room any more either.  It’s a jumble of an artist’s studio.

I still have all these shots.  Living room, 2008, on my backup hard drive and on disc.  For all I know I have these on ZIP drive too, but no longer on Snapfish.  Off with it’s head.

Alaska, 2009.  I’m not deleting Alaska.

I hadn’t planned on being up here today.  I told the Geezer that after school I was going to write and draw.  There was a little writing, I admit, but then I dozed off over the lard.  It was suggested I take a nap…and so I did.  I’m still up here now having a third of a written essay on lard committed to the page.  I was supposed to be expanding my thoughts on cookbooks.  Now ignoring lard while I am deleting aged pictures.  Feeling aged too.

Image found in the gutter, 2010.

Here in our town, one doesn’t have to beg.  We have great services for the homeless.  Many are Ex-Vets.  If they are on drugs, alcohol, or deep into the horrors of PTSD, they probably can’t get to the help. 

Memorial Day gun battle, 2011.

There’s always Boom.

Life is Really in the Footnotes:
  • Himself:  Listening to a computer radio chanel:  Boomer Radio.  Sometimes he has a French station on called Beatles Day.  I find the ads fascinating but incomprehensible.
  • Herself:  A good day except for losing mucho time to a nap.  G covered me over with a quilt. 
  • Reading:  A picture book of Frank Lloyd Wrights projects.
  • Balance:  The nap.  LOL


    1. Today, hours at the museum garden and then hours at my garden. It has rained so much this afternoon I amazed we are not using oars outside our windows! I am on a deleting challenge. Most of my photos must go...they must!

    2. I've been sorting photographs on my hard drive for months now! When I get them catalogued I'll start thinning them out.

    3. I bought an external hard drive for my photos and was doing okay until stroke. I no longer remember how to use it and can't find directions. I really haven't tried that hard, though. Maybe the brief stroll through your photo files via this post will inspire me to make more consistent effort. Maybe.

    4. Oh I do love your posts, they cheer me up considerably. I hope you are not laid up for long when you have your surgery. Send me your hospital link via back channel. Or is that canal. Its early here. Dianne

    5. I enjoyed the trip through the years of your photos. So varied and so interesting. I hope the nap gave you new energy to finish your essay on lard....

    6. I have a jillion photos I'm still working on. And yes, what a wonderful world this would be if no one had to beg to survive.

    7. Quite right- one must never delete Alaska.
      Stunning photo and your home is very pleasing to the eye.

    8. Lovely photos! I like that cat pillow I saw. Can't remember the designer's name but I have a pair of earrings of her design.


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