June 2, 2013

Yellow Umbrella

My mind is a very literal thing.  Sometimes that’s a very hard thing to work around.  When something I type isn’t true, I get stuck.  When writing a poem, that press to make every word true and honest sometimes makes the whole poem ring false.

The poor Geezer is truly a lump.  He did well driving Lessa’s new, graduation gift mattress from a friend up from here to her house.  We both hope she now can sleep a little better.  If comfort will ease PTSD, this gift will.  Then he came home and slept.  He slept all night and is still sleeping. 

What isn’t true?  The second stanza.  No soup here.  Yes, the cups glasses are a stacking up on counter tops.  No soup.  I wonder if I should remove that stanza just because of the soup?

What’s That

It’s yesterday’s magazines
and yesterday’s nose blowers
trailing yesterday’s fly swatter
and yesterday’s sterile wipes.

Cups, glasses, and plates
stack on counters
on surfaces as I pass by
carrying another cup of soup.

Will today bring the same pile
of detritus, of leftover bits
and pieces all wrapped around
your today’s common cold?

  • Keeping those on the Midwest and east coast in my thoughts.

  • Himself:  Sleeping and dozing at his computer.

  • Herself:  Going in to work to see what arrived in the many boxes of cookbooks.

  • Reading:  A 2010 Reichs.  Can I remember the title, no.  But the book was good.

  • Balance:  Reading.  Dodging the rock and roll marathon today.  Checking out the books.  Discovering why Sunset Cliffs, West Point Loma Drive, and Sea World drive were closed all day during a summer beach day.  Police shooting.


    1. Oh, can't you substitute some other therapeutic comfort food that is a part of your arsenal? That stanza helps create the reality of the irritating, aggravating, energy-sucking common cold.

    2. That's so odd that only LC has left a note. I'll try it and see.....

    3. I'm no poet but I would take out the word detritus. I can tell you like it.

      Colds are a misery, so is the flu.
      Aggrevating, energy-sucking you.

      Words taken partially from Linda above. Dianne

      PS I love limericks.

    4. how about "a cup of something"....

      Hope the cold goes away soon....

    5. how about "a cup of something"....

      Hope the cold goes away soon....

    6. I envy people who can sleep like that.

    7. No, don't remove it. I vote for keeping it. Sorry about the cold. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that we can stay healthy this spring.


    What a delight to get a note from you. Thanks for leaving one.


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