July 3, 2013

A Family Visit


Just a little bit:

The Great Geezer ate Ibuprofen and I went to class where I read not very successfully through the piece on cookbooks.  The truth is, perhaps I edited the life out of it.  Though everyone liked the descriptions of the cookbooks themselves, the lead up to that section went nowhere.  They loved the last line. 

Came home to make corrections and doze in my chair.  I was jolted awake when the doorbell rang, and I opened the door to find grandson Dan filling it.  Literally.  Right to the top.  In the computer room, he was almost to the ceiling.  It was good to be able to replace the graduation money he dropped at Costco Monterey, but even better to see him and hug him several times.

Life is Really in the Footnotes:
  • Himself:  Mad itching caused by the giant Band-Aid on his back.  Worked half a day, Costco, then for movie night we watched 3 episodes of “West Wing.”  So frustrated by the scratch damage that this morning he bought the entire seven seasons on new CD’s.  No gym.  He can shower.  Using new kind of Band-Aid this morning..
  • Herself:  Came home and tried to breathe life back into that piece.  We forgot to buy both the gas for Grumpy and the Aleve at Costco yesterday.  Does that mean a second trip?  Today store then add injector cleaner and Costco again.
  • Reading:  Cadell.
  • Balance:  Movie night, the standard fare until NCIS resumes.  We have a lot of fun on Tuesday nights.


    1. Nice to see family - even when they bump their heads on the ceiling. You make me laugh!

    2. Thank you!! I just took some time to reread some of my blog to remember a point in my life when my mother passes. You were there all the time with words of encouragement and support and advice. I have been amiss is posting, reading and commenting. But I had to tell you how very much I appreciated your support. I hope you are well. Annie

    3. It's always wonderful to see family! Wow! He's THAT tall? That's amazing! He can reach things for you. :-)

    4. A stellar day--hugging a grandson and enjoying a movie night!

    5. Dan bears a strong family resemblance. Nice looking fellow. ((I don't know if I should mention this here, and far be it from me to give medical advice, but did you know that Aleve contains naproxen sodium 220 mg (200 mg of naproxen, 20 mg sodium)? So, rather than buy a name brand (Aleve) you could buy the store brand of naproxen that's quite a bit cheaper, at least here in Utah. Sometime, check the labels or ask the druggist. The only reason I know this is 'cause one of Hubby's degrees was in chemistry.))

    6. I missed this one, so back to read today. Like you forgetting to buy Aleve?

      Sounds like you had a great day with your GRANDson. Dianne

    7. Yes, we like Tuesday night TV, too.

      And yes, he's a healthy, strapping lad isn't he!!?? And so good to hug him!


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