July 24, 2013

A Last Lazy Day

”Your Majesty,” we all said automatically.

No corsets or ruffs for me today.  No gliding elegantly from venue to venue.  After two days of rushed errands and a night of nightmares, today I’m taking it easy.  Sweats for me.  T-shirt and loose pants for me if the day grows warmer.  A photo album to be built on Facebook.  I like doing that.  Lazy reading too. 

In a power wheel chair made to look like a throne, this queen inspired my appreciation.

All the errands are run but one.  I have to go back to Target to buy another size battery.  Darn.  The cleaning is to be picked up Friday….hear that dearest G?  Basic groceries are bought: lettuce, tomato, avacado, frozen entres, and a couple of fat baking potatoes.  The house is clean.  Questions are answered for the preop at the hospital with me missing a surgery.  All my meds are packed in their origonal containers.  I’ve set aside my two blood pressure meds to take with a swallow of water tomorrow mornning.  My photo ID and insurance cards will be in my backpack along with my underwear and sense of humor.  Gotta have that.

These lovely folks should have had tall hats with veils, methinks.

We had dinner last night with the Captain.  It was very good to hear how well she and her museum are doing.  We were able to take a little something as a house warming gift.  We had missed that occasion while we were at Comic Con.  Unfortunately, dinner kept us up gassiously all night.  Did I say that.  The Geezer commented that perhaps the restaurant had a new cook. 

This is one of my favorite shots from the convention.  What joy.  Here, one mom and daughter are obviously, thoroughly enjoying Comic Con to the maximum allowable limit.

I’m like that mom and daughter today.  The weather has changed enough so that my foot and knee sort of work again, so I shall putter around the house.  Slowly.  With a smile.  If you want me after work, I’ll be sitting in my chair, holding hands with the Geezer, and watching more of West Wing: Season Four.  Smiling too.

Life is Really in the Footnotes:
  • Himself:  Got a couple of really nice wrecks to parboil yesterday with his subrogation detection techniques.  He loves days like this.
  • Herself:  Horrible nightmares about my Ex dying.  Today: Tidy, shower, find the DMV driver’s license stuff on line, maybe even nap.  Tomorrow morning, I’m up at four and at the hospital by 0530…without coffee.
  • Reading:  Starting something new today.
  • Balance:  Pausing to hear the day.


    1. Godspeed and the best results ever for you tomorrow. Hugs.

    2. Of course I am keeping you in my mind and heart as you prepare for the surgery. Loved the photos....so gorgeous. People really do take a lot of pride and thoughtfulness to get those costumes just right...and that includes YOU TWO as well.

    3. Thanks for updating me on your schedule. Thinking about you all day and tomorrow too. Don't know G's address but would appreciate a note saying you are okay.

      Watched a program on PBS last night about the Budda. Now I know where all the fellowship stuff began. Loved it. Easy Does It. Dianne

    4. So...is all this legal. You have my permission to look forward to a few days spent in a hospital bed reading something wonderful.

    5. I'm thinking about you, Mage. These photos are so much fun. I just marvel at everybody's creativity.

    6. Wishing you a successful surgery and a speedy recovery. The photos are fun.

    7. By the time I am writing this, you are all through your surgery and are probably starting to be up and around a bit. I remember the first few days after my knee replacement were a bit of a blur, but it was nice to be done with it and moving forward.....literally! Take care, keep up your bubbly self, and you will do great! Can't wait to hear how your recovery goes. Just one foot in front of the other.

    8. The lady in the yellow dress is a friend of mine! That's Lynn!


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