July 7, 2013

A Really Good Day

Photos from the Fair: Car wax seller.  G buys Grumpy’s wax here, and we both believe that this wax saved Grumpy’s flawed paint job from peeling like all the rest you see around town.

I chronicle the day, and it was one of those days that worked well.  We were both comfortable in our skins this day.  Best of all, we found a favorite Amvet’s Thrift store that had a bathroom accessible to it’s customers.  Sometimes my IBS needs one.  I found an ugly green Dana Bachman purse that I adore.  We found a deli out in the hinterlands that was so unmemorable we won’t eat there again, visited, and saw Heat. 

“Heat” was pretty good tho we both felt it could have also been tightened up.  We both felt the uptight Sandra Bullock character stayed corseted too long and returned to type too soon to make the movie balance.  Melissa McCarthy is a winner any which was one finds her. 

Salad and a romantic break before more of the wonderful “West Wing” which is in the midst of the… “The multiple sclerosis arc (also introduced in the first season) became central late in the second season as staff members were introduced one-by-one to the president's ailment and the public is made aware. This theme would remain central to the series.”  Wikipedia, Season 2.  Mrs. Landingham dies when hit by a drunk driver while bringing her brand new car back to the White House.  This reduced me to tears and left me wondering why they wrote her out. 

Yes, we have been totally sucked in.  Now we have to wait for more of the series to arrive in our mailbox to find out what happens next. 

Life is Really in the Footnotes:
  • Himself:  He says he was “peachy keeny.”
  • Herself:  Ah the truly guilty pleasure of Nutella.
  • Reading:  The Evanovich Goldberg book “The Heist.”
  • Balance:  Backrubs.


    1. Saw The Heat with Big Sister Mia. LOVED it! Lots of flaws but so fun to see two strong women just having a great time on camera.

    2. We just finished Season 7 of Dexter. It is getting very loosely written now. I understand that Season 8 is the last.....and I think it is time.
      So glad you are loving West Wing...It was one of my favorites.

    3. You sound like life is treating you well. I hope your surgery goes well, Mage.

    4. I treasure those good and mellow days. I'm about in the same place as you in West Wing" and don't understand about Mrs. Landingham either. Guess I'd better look the actress up on google and see if there is anything illuminating there. I love that series. It's so spot on now, makes me despair we will ever evolve in our political problems.

    5. A great day all around. Thinking of you as your "parts replacement and repair work approaches.

    6. I think I watched all 7 seasons of WW one summer a couple years back. I loved it!!

    7. My French grandchildren left Nutella in the cupboard.
      Satanic as far as I'm concerned and I hiss every time I see it:)

    8. I concur with your thoughts on HEAT, and I do love Melissa McCarthy in anything. The thing I'm left wondering about is that "ugly green Dana Bachman purse you adore." ? Why is it so adorable if it's so ugly?


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