July 16, 2013

Comic Con Photography Redux

2008: Taken out on the battlefield deck.

I’ve had a lot of fun and learned a lot about taking pictures at Comic Con.  “Just take it now,” is my motto.  Even if the subject is out of focus, you can do something with it later.  I wrote about taking Comic Con pictures in 2010, so this is a revival of shots you have seen before.

2008: With light saber and red cloak.

Favorite photos; crop it tighter.  Another lesson learned.  Go gently into a favorite with Photoshop.  I use PE10 now.  No excuses.

2009: She would have been a better focus if I had cropped the photo tighter and darkened the background.

Comic Con has been a learning ground for me.  I’m not going back in and change the older photos, but today I can look at the older images with a new eye.  Perhaps this year on a scooter, I can carry heavier cameras…more lenses.  Usually I tote just my antique Canon PowerShot A 650IS

2009:  Great image, badly Photoshopped.

For me the costumes are a gift of shape, color, and flat out fun. 

2010: Dramatic costume.

2010: Dramatic movement.

Sometimes other worlds are best left alone.

2010: Love these folks.  Their imagination pushes my thinking.

2011: Snapshots.

2012: On the streets.

I waited out on the street last year for the Geezer.  I found a corner seat, and just let my camera rip.  What fun.

2012: Zombies.

2012: A steampunk workman.

He will be with me on Saturday too.


  1. Good luck. I know we won't hear from you until your meds are decreased...that is if they affect you the way they affected David. He was "out of it" for days. Good luck and thinking about you and George, and keeping you both in my prayers. Dianne

  2. Have fun. I would be so intimidated by all the nakedness. But I guess I am a puritan at heart.

  3. Looking forward to images resulting from your future Comic Con photography sessions, delightfully mobile and pain-free.

  4. Wow! What incredible photos, Mage. I didn't know they have these comic cons in Hawaii too. I wonder if they're as elaborate as yours though.

  5. Sadly I couldn't see the last few photos. An it sounds as if ther was 'nakedness'. Drat! My fault I'm sure.
    I'm going t my son's for a few days but will be thinking of you.

  6. Mage, I gotta tell you...in that 2010 picture you labeled as "pushing your imagination" there seemed to be a whole lotta pushin' going on. Eh hemm! Nice work. I'm glad you could keep your eye on the "prize" (a good photo, I mean) !


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