July 23, 2013

Comic Con: The Warrior Heros

From an unknown to me Military Battalion.  The strip of cloth held on to his arm with a wax seal says, “There is only the Emperor and He is our Shield and Protector.”

Nothing is without imagination at Comic Con.  There were several kinds of unique military there this year.  These photos are mostly of the non-Star Wars costumes and the non-reenactors who battled on the Mezzanine deck.  There was a huge variety of costumes, none of whom I could identify by era or movie.  There is one Star Wars gentleman with a kilt….unique, so I include him here.

Left: There were several of these button downed characters.  I don’t know which movie or era they came from.  Right: Star Wars with a kilt.

Left: With the same eagle as the top gentleman.  Right: Two warriors from the far future with a friend of Batman in the middle.

This delightful gentleman actually got permission to use this uniform from the Brigade.




What a mixture of the ages.  Everything from a long bow to the great unknown masked madnessess of men and women passed in front of my camera.  I enjoyed every single one of them, no matter who they were. 

This surely is a Warrior Hero calling daughter to ask the size of granddaughter in the middle of the crush and chaos of the main exhibitor floor. 

Life is Really in the Footnotes:

  • Himself:  Skipped the gym, worked hard all day at staying awake at work all day, and drove to the nether areas for a meeting.  Bed early.

  • Herself:  Fell asleep over lunch.  Waited to hear from a Nursing Home.  Guess they won’t take my insurance.  Ran errands: Cleaners, drug store for post surgery meds, Target for batteries where I bought the wrong size, Health Food Store for G’s bran, Library for DMV drivers license book, grocery store.  Trying a second nursing home today.

  • Reading:  Cadell.

  • Balance:  Playing with pictures today.


    1. Loved the photos...so much to see and enjoy. I hope you can find a place where they will accept your insurance for post-surgery time. Good luck.

    2. Great pictures. It never occurred to me there would be a problem with aftercare, good to know. Hope you find a good place soon.

    3. I just realized what an advantage you have as a photographer to be able to take photos from your lower angle and to be able to ease the encounter. "Yes, I would love to be photographed by a little old lady in a scooter, mam."

    4. What a wonderful (grand)dad that in the middle of all the sights, sounds and excitement, he remembered his granddaughter.


    What a delight to get a note from you. Thanks for leaving one.


    I thought these the most inventive costumes.   Sorry about the arm, but I never got a clear view. Scheduled to work at noon, ...