July 1, 2013

Just a Little Bit

Just a little bit of the whole:

Yes, the fair was wonderful fun.  Yes too, today is the first preop.  I can admit that I’m lost with this whole process and feeling as if I’ve been left out of the loop.  I’ll know more later in the day…especially after I have had coffee and yogurt. 

Life is Really in the Footnotes:
  • Himself:  Loved the flowers, (the one above is his and played with by me), the photos, and the hypnotist.  Really liked the beginners at the Demolition Derby.
  • Herself:  Imagine, a day at the fair that wasn’t a scorcher, ate too much glorious stuff like fudge and crème puffs, and had a ball.  Scooter was old and handled like a Mack truck.  Better than not going tho.
  • Reading:  Working my way through my whole Cadell collection.
  • Balance:  The morning fogs starting our days in the cool.


    1. Regarding you 'flights of stairs' fantasy, when we built this house I had come from two years living in a small apartment with an elevator. I so regretted that we had built three levels here and I was always tired going up and down. BUT, since I have been pushing exercising over the years I find a flight of stairs no problem at all anymore. Do not make life too easy for yourself. PUSH!!

    2. That flower photo is magnificent. Happy 4th!

    3. I am thinking of you! Sending good vibes! Glad you had fun at the fair with that awful fried food! LOL!

    4. Beautiful flower photo....so bright and cheery. Good luck with the pre-op and the surgery too.

    5. Good luck with the surgery. Hope things improve for you.

    6. This pre-op stuff sucks. I started mine today for cataract surgery. You would think I was having heart surgery for goodness sake. Dianne

      PS Eat drink and be merry for tomorrow who knows.....

    7. Pre-op already! It seemed farther away. I'm sending you my prayers and best wishes. My auntie had her hip done and it made a terrific positive difference in her life. Hang in there. Your flower photo is yummy, made me want to lick the screen.

    8. I'll be thinking about you, Mage. I know it's always a worry before an operation, but I know it will all be great once you're on the mend. I love your flower photos! You do such an incredible job with the light and color.


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