July 30, 2013


Our hats are off to you, indeed.

How can anyone work at a rehab or nursing home?  I will never know. 

Yesterday I waited for the longest time when my CNA was taken away to help someone else.  It wasn’t her fault that I had to wait.  How many others waited.  At least I was rewarded with a shower at the end.  Nirvana.  Then I exercised impulsively.   I spent a lot of my day being “Impulsive”.  That  tells you something about  me, doesn’t it. 

I’m not happy waiting.  If I have to use the bathroom, I have to.  I must wait till someone is with me, they tell me.  That’s a hard thing to do if you have just been “doing things” by yourself forever.   So I wait with no humor in a wet bed, I wait on the edge of a fresh bed for someone to help me life my leg.  I wait and think about patience.  

I say nothing but  nice things to those who work here, but inside I am impatience.


  1. Oh Mage... I'm so sorry. You are wonderful to be so patient as you fight your frustration. I'd be going crazy myself.

  2. Have you read Tuesdays with Morrie? He was a very patient soul as he waited for his death and allowed others to wait on him. I found that the few times that I was in a hospital if I empathized big time with the nurses and therapists about how hard they worked and how I looked forward to their help...it was a good for them to hurry back to help me.

  3. It is difficult indeed. I stayed with David as much as I could and raised caine when they "mistreated" him. As I am an old bitch, I got my way and he was well cared for. Remember, the squeaky wheel gets the grease.

    {{Hugs}} Dianne

  4. t's outrageous that one can't go to the bathroom when one needs to. The same thing happens over here. don't they realise that it makes more work for them in the end.
    I despair sometimes. Don't be too patient.

  5. I haven't visited in a while, so I don't know what you situation is. It concerns me.


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