July 17, 2013

People of Comic Con

Brave indeed.
Today is opening day…preview day it’s called.  We will get our badges this evening and go tomorrow.  There’s still a few things to be done about the surgery….will the nursing home of choice take my insurance?  I have a prescreening with the hospital just after Comic Con…that sort of thing.

Today is the last day of books at the store and swimming at dawn.  I’ll miss these things a lot…and my friends.  Until I get back into my usual schedule, I’ll have new pictures from Comic Con 2013 to process. 

2012: Simple Steampunk.


2010: Bravo!

2010:  Drama Indeed.

Life is Really in the Footnotes:

  • Himself:  Stitches out just fine, he worked hard before and after plus all day today.  He saved the day last night when our DVD player bit the dust in the middle of a West Wing episode.  He had the upstairs one hooked up and running with only a small struggle.  My hero.  Badge pickup tonight.  Big smiles.

  • Herself:  I have to renew my driver’s license test before September.  I’m looking forward to this just about like I am to giving myself blood thinning shots.  Did I say that.  Yesterday got all the pre-Comic Con errands done: Cleaners, groceries…that sort of thing.

  • Reading:  Made up a pile with Cadell, two of the Steerswoman
  • books, and three ocean liner picture books.  I discovered a new fantasy author, Aimee Bender, in the back of the latest Good Housekeeping with her “The Color Master” story “The King’s Wish.” 

  • Balance:  Making lists.  Getting it done.  Most importantly, relaxing and having fun.


    1. Goodness, "blood thinning shots"? The put David on Plavix, then he switched to baby asprins. Wonder if the procedure has changed. David's nursing home took Medicare and he had United Healthcare for his secondary. Good luck. Thinking about you and I will miss you. Tell George to update us. Please. Also love the nineteenth century redcoat...George? Hopefully the other guys pistol wasn't loaded. Dianne

    2. You are so organized. Glad those skills are helping carve out time for the fun and relaxing!

    3. Magnificent photos....good luck with this year's choices. Hope the surgery goes well.

    4. I'm just so amazed at everybody's creativity! And your photos are absolutely crystal! You and your camera are amazing.


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