July 5, 2013

Relaxed Time Indeed

Happiness is a snooze while thousands walk by.

Happiness is also having the time to read blogs, to play on line, to make sure all of June is backed up…twice, and time to read in the new Evanovich.  Relaxed time differs from, “How fast can I get through all this,” time.  Extra relaxed time meant the Geezer fixed dinner.  A Wow day all around.

Life is Really in the Footnotes:
  • Himself:  Posted to his blog, uploaded his old Sim City then spent the day with thousands of updates all day.  He never got to play it.  He made BLT’s for dinner, and we watched three episodes of “West Wing.”
  • Herself:  Got all of June backed up as soon as G got my computer to see the backup computer.  The last movie disc is in better shape than the back side of the first two in season two.  I bought them used.  Ah, well.  It was a really relaxed day.
  • Reading:  Evanovich.
  • Balance:  A decision to redo that Hodad’s drawing.  Dozing.  I love quiet days off.


    1. A perfect day, or at least near enough! I'd love a BLT.

    2. Sounds like a lovely day for both of you. Ooooh, Sims...haven't played that in years.....

    3. Sounds like a lovely day for both of you. Ooooh, Sims...haven't played that in years.....

    4. Have I forgotten, or did I ever know, the date of tour surgery?

    5. Loved your relaxed day. I sort of got tired of Evanovich, but you reminded me that I am about ready for another dose of her quirky characters and their outrageous misadventures.

    6. The photo reminds me of a very special day that I spent with one of my daughters at the State Fair last September where she took photos of all sorts of big and beautiful creatures.

      Your day was relxed indeed! Good for the two of you.

    7. I will have to find G's blog so as to keep up with you while you are in hospital and nursing home. Gosh, that cow looks comfy. At first I thought she was dead. Dianne

    8. I love days like that....when I feel like a sleeping cow.


    9. It is so great when you can both enjoy the same programme.


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