July 2, 2013

Sounds of the Fair

Just a little bit of the whole:

There is never a silent moment at the fair.  From the roaring of the cars and trucks at the demolition derby to the moo’s, bleats, and cherps of the animals in the barns.  Behind it all is the constant hum of the fair goers as they talk punctuated by screams of excitement as they jump, tumble, or fall on some exciting ride.

Every space has its own sound.  Each midway ride has its own music, and each barker has his own call out to the customer.  In the commercial tents, every sound is magnified by the size of the space.  Here the hum of the machines becomes a roar.  The barkers call seems deeper sometimes almost managing to vanish into the hum of the crowds.  The clangs, bangs, and throbs of this mini city are all part of the excitement.

By nightfall, the live bands in several corners of the fair seem to take over the air.  The throbbing beat sent us homeward with a smile.  We do love the sounds of the fair.

Life is Really in the Footnotes:
  • Himself:  Took me to my appointments and ended up having minor surgery right then and there.  Cyst out, work in the afternoon, meeting out in the heat of Poway.
  • Herself:  Passed my first preop with flying colors.  Re-edited my piece on cookbooks for the umpteenth time, printed it, grocery shopped, dinner, Antiques Roadshow.  Disappointed in this year as all they are showing are edited versions of past shows.
  • Reading:  Continuing to work my way through the Cadell’s.  The ones she wrote in the 70’s till her death are really excellent.
  • Balance:  Reading quietly in the cool of the evening living room.


    1. Glad prep went well. Too bad the Cadell books are not available for Kindle. No room at my house for paper books, must keep library on Kindle.

    2. This blog sounds like the makings of an essay...very descriptive. Happy Day to both of you!

    3. Sometimes reading in the evening is the best medicine. Good luck with all the pre-op work. Sounds like you are in great shape. Dianne

    4. Reading takes the mind away, glad your pre-op went well.


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