July 20, 2013

Comic Con: Thursday: Day One

Her beauty and enthusiasm personified Comic Con for me this day.

We did a little of everything this first day….all but the reenactments, artists alley, and Star of India.  Yes, they actually towed the Star down the Bay and decked her out like a pirate ship for Comic Con 2013.  We both went to the panel on Photoshop, and we were both universally disappointed.  More on this later.  The rest of the time, we had a ball cruising every corner of the Convention Center.  The scooter is working out well.

Life is Really in the Footnotes:

  • Himself:  Has made sandwiches the last two days, driven us to and from Qualcom Stadium out in the valley, and has had a wonderful time.

  • Herself:  Even driving a scooter through the crowds on the first day totally wore me out.  Lost my voice saying, "Beep, beep" as I am louder than the horn.Did better on day two.  Comic Con Very thoughtful of those with Handicaps.

  • Reading:  Swag.

  • Balance:  Probably nothing feels balanced when you live at knee height in the middle of  130,000 standing upright people, but that is ok after all.


    1. How wonderful that the Star of India is part of Comic Con too! Bet you will have plenty of great photos to share.

    2. You need a bell or a horn of your own, that you can sound to get people out of the way without losing your voice.

      Have a wonderful time.

    3. Surprised that you cut off her eyes in that photo...not like you. Were you trying to say something? I bet you were exhausted at the end of the day.

    4. I first became acutely aware of the limitations of lower eye-levels when we gave our 5-year-old a little camera on an extended van trip around the U.S. when we quit our jobs for about a year in our (much) younger days. When we got his first batch of photos developed, they were mostly people's backsides and colorful trash barrels.

      That was all he could see in a crowd. I later experienced that eye level when I spent time in a wheelchair after my stroke. Glad you still had fun.

    5. Oh my goodness! This sounds like so much fun!

    6. Goodness sake. The scooter comes to the rescue again. Did you finally buy your own? Gotta try this so I can go museum visiting soon. Dianne


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