August 24, 2013

AH !!

If you own a vehicle, you have to drive it.  Grumpy has just been sitting over there in a corner of the garage waiting to be on the road again.  Today is the day. 

The Great Geezer is taking Myrtle the Toyota to the car wash, then putting Grumpy on the streets.  No, I can’t drive him, but he did pass his smog with a good margin so why not drive him.  Bobbie just sold Mikey’s truck, which had over 500 thousand miles on it, and she is buying a Prius at 24 to 30 grand.  The car guy here says with tax, license, dealer, prep, and options will come to 27 to 35. 

Right now, I think I will stick to my vastly higher carbon footprint with old Grumpy while saving myself an immediate 27 thousand dollars. 

If you are interested in calculating your effect on the environment, try this simple test from The Nature Conservancy.

Life is Really in the Footnotes
  • Himself:  A very busy day at work for him.  Ate then ran to his meeting.  Today Grumpy and the garage.

  • Herself:  I actually went downstairs and microwaved a pot pie then made a salad.  He’s a better cook than I.  He’s a far, far better housekeeper than I am also.  Lost ten pounds. 

  • Our fair city:  Life is going to seem so boring around here without Mayor Filner to molest us.

  • Balance:  Practicing not feeling guilty about taking it easy.



    1. Not guilty - good. Took the carbon footprint test, I'm below average. I'm also keeping my paid for, good running mini-van. I know I am a party of one but I have 10 grandkids ;-) Saved the carbon calculator to share with those kids.

    2. Good for you - it is important not to waste energy on feeling guilty. Grumpy is sure a good looking truck! Sounds like you are making great progress.

    3. Oh I am envious of the missing 10 pounds. Loved weight at the hospital. Kilograms are much nicer.

      Too bad you chucked your Tarot Deck. They acquire much energy after years of use. I have a small cabinet full of Tarot decks, but keep my 'main' one downstairs. I love them. Dianne

    4. I'm still not thrilled with my environmental profile, but I haven't owned a car since Hurricane Irene, two years ago.

      I never feel guilty when I ask someone to drive me.

    5. I just don't get why these very public people are such public jerks. Glad your former mayor can retire from the public"s eye, but somebody needs to keep watch over him...can't imagaine what he thinks might be ok when no one is looking. Rant.

      Love the Prius, but think one would have to anticipate lots and lots of driving in order to have it make sense. Opinion

      Glad you are getting around and experiencing the joy of cooking. Rapid and easy recovery are yours. Prediction.

    6. Watched your mayor on TV and realized he was only doing what most men thought it was OK to do until recently. They were all crude and unthinking. He just hasn't kept up with the times.

      Glad you are making progress and hooray for 10 pounds. Wish I could say that.

    7. We do love our Prius, especially with the terrible gas prices in Hawaii.


    What a delight to get a note from you. Thanks for leaving one.


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