August 8, 2013

Almost Home

Party time tomorrow….quietly, slowly. 

Today I work my way through the various departments and get discharged.  Paperwork here,  computers there.  Weights, lifts, walks, and do it all again.  Show that I can do everything…that I will do everything.  I sure can do more than I could when I got here. 

My motto for the day: any meal without chicken and mashed potatoes is a good one.


  1. After hernia surgery last year, I was in pain for 3 weeks and needed assistance walking, going to the bathroom and getting into bed.

  2. Maybe you can get delicious take out of some kind for your first dinner at home. Although a nice burger would probably taste pretty good by then. Sounds like you've made excellent progress.

  3. Yep you are making progress.

  4. Your next to last sentence is encouraging. I know a lot of hard work is ahead. Keeping you in my thoughts. Take care as you party and are tempted to do a happy dance at the prospect of non-institutional food.

  5. It's been rough for you, yet you still make us laugh.

    We eat a lot of chicken at my house--let me know what delicious meal you get treated to that is "not" a bird and taters.

    I like your blog header. Happy people spread joy.

    Your comment on my post: I'm sorry about Paul; glad you have G. May it last many more years.

  6. Oh but there are so many ways to prepare chicken. I am sure you will return to this dish, but not in the dried form. Chicken jerky is no fun. Dianne


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