August 23, 2013

Bits of Yarn and a Resignation

A tiny bit of red yarn stuck into a wall next to a loom in Mexico.  2012.


In a long, drawn out bit of theater, our mayor, city council, and crowds of civilians had their say on Mayor Filner's Resignation this afternoon.  At the very end, he of those long rambling apologias that seemed to take forever, first apologizing then taking it all  back.  It doesn't matter.  No matter the waffling or politics, the mayor has resigned.  No matter who is hiding what, we are obligated to pay 90 something thousand of the now ex-mayors legal bills.  No matter, the mayor is gone the last day of this month.

I like gone mayors.  This one was odious.

I treated myself as if I were wrapped in red cotton-wool yesterday.  Very carefully.  The old me would have raged internally about having to be patient, the new me tries to think and move very slowly.  Only once could I feel the new hip move…bump, bump, and I stopped that right away.

Captain Poolie for dinner at Tender Greens.  I walked from the car, across the street and down a sidewalk to the restaurant with my good walker.  Poolie commented that I seemed much improved, but she appeared very tired and didn’t finish her salad.  At least we found out the latest details about the play.  Don’t I sound like a mother.  Afterwards, she kindly came up to my computer and showed me how to set my Wordpress settings through her tiredness.  I am forever grateful for this.   

She was very curious why I would have two blogs with the same content.  Three I said.  I’m taking up bandwidth for a mirror blog.  If anyone has ever had a blog on a marginal site that dies all the time, they will understand the frustration of the artist who can’t get published.  I’ve stopped posting at Open Diary.  I’ve told them where to find me now.  And here I am far, far away from my old homeland in stable Wordpress and Blogger.

Life is Really in the Footnotes:

  • Himself:  Had fun working hard yesterday.

  • Herself:  Fell asleep at any time anywhere.  Taking care again today.  Daughter Laka send Don’s Celebration of Life sheet.  Bobbie and I cried together yesterday.

  • Reading:  Reading a new author from the Captain’s sister.

  • Balance:  Working on a new poem.

    1. I understand the mirror blog thing now. I didn't last night. Guess I was too tired!

    2. I understand the mirror blog thing now. I didn't last night. Guess I was too tired!

    3. Which Tender Greens did you go to? Our Godson, Brad was the exec chef at Liberty Station and has now opened the one downtown!!!

      Oh, and moving SLOWLY is important. I know what it's like to have done too much and then SUFFER for the next 3 days!!!

    4. Thinking and moving slowly is good. I took a tumble Wednesday. No permanent damage, i hope, but i was NoT thinking.

      I'm thinking now and you and your recovery are in my thoughts.

    5. After I read about your left leg yesterday, I looked at my old photos and sure enough the left leg is always there. Why? The perennial question.

      Good you are learning to drive in the slow lane. You will last longer that way. Hope Poolie feels better soon. Dianne

    6. Falling asleep anytime and anywhere...what a luxury! With a 5-year-old and an 8-year-old I do not dare blink!

    7. I think when you fall asleep where you are you must really need the rest; "Sleep that knits up the raveled sleeve of care, /The death of each day's life, sore labor's bath, Balm of hurt minds, great nature's second course,/ Chief nourisher in life's feast." Shakespeare - Macbeth

      Good healing to you.

    8. PS -- Kind of reminds me of Nixon's farewell in '74! Talk about 'odious'!

    9. He's still not as odious as our slimy crook of a governor. Glad you are listening to your hip and body telling you to slow down.

    10. When you say mirror blog, do you mean posting at the Wordpress site? Is there a way to mirror automatically?


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