August 25, 2013


MAFFS Rim Fire 6 August 22.

The Yosemite fire grows ever closer to my friend Bonnie’s favorite spot, Camp Mather.  I mourn it in advance as her foods melt in one of her living room chairs.  No one knows if Mather is still there, but the Strawberry Music Festival they hold there this time of year has been canceled. 

The LA Times writes, ‘“If you can’t stop a fire, you try to divert it,” said Cal Fire spokesman Johnny Miller. On Saturday, the fire jumped a trench cut by bulldozers three times, but firefighters and hot-shot crews were holding the line.’  There were more than 2000 firefighters holding the fire away from the Camp structures yesterday.

I watched the weather reports last night.  No rain is forecast for that area of Yosemite.  Above it, and below it, rain is to fall tonight and tomorrow.  All we can hope is that mother nature waves her hand and the rain moves in to the Yosemite lands.

Life is Really in the Footnotes:
  • Himself:  Washed the Toyota, switched to the truck, and ran errands which included dropping off a whole truckload of things from Bobbie’s mom.  He went to work then cooked a glorious dinner.
  • Herself:  Easy in and out of the truck.  Was running errands too much?  I napped most of the afternoon then had a terrible time sleeping last night.
  • Reading:  Mysteries: I’m not doing well being frightened and drowned in gallons of blood and gore.  I need to be soooooothed….and smoooooooothed.
  • Balance:  Obviously napping.


    1. This is so scary and awful. I hate to think of losing so much of that beauty in a national park.

    2. It's heartbreaking. Some beautiful places are burning this year.

    3. Fires are so terrifying - they are so unpredictable and uncontrollable. I feel really sorry for Bonnie - she so enjoys these festival vacations. Hope you sleep better tonight.

    4. I have been concerned about the fire because my friend Debbi has a ranch near Yosemite and is directly above SF near the fire. Very scary.

      As for confusion following surgery, it is the afteraffect of the anethesia. It takes about six months to completely clear the normal 45-year old brain. Don't know about you or me. The last time I had anesthesia for something major I got out of bed and walked across the room to the bathroom in front of two of my co-workers, one of them my boss. They never said anything about it but I know they must have been embarrassed. I only realized much later what I had done.

      My parents told me I got out of bed after I had an appendectomy and pranced up the hall and got into bed with a strange man. I was 15 at the time and they worried about me. Ha Ha Dianne

    5. I forgot to mention I had a hospital gown on, with nothing underneath but you knew that. Dianne

      PS good thing I never "did" drugs.


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