August 3, 2013


Ones worst nightmare.
No camera here to capture the small squirrel munching,  it’s tail held high, scampering up the one telephone pole cut into the hedgerow, and enthusiastically waving its tail at wh ever frightened it.
The day before yesterday, I broke down and took a whole pain pill… in pieces throughout the day.  So I was slow yesterday.  I do know that I will heal better if I am not in agony, so I try to follow directions.  I do not like being a veggie tho.  Today I am ok, but my four pages of exercises sit here under the computer as I attempt to ignore them.  Procrastination be me.
I love Blick…it’s the last remaining art supply store here, but tho they took a booth at Comic Con, it was too small to carry anything I needed.  I should have brought a pad and pen here, or any form of pen and paper, instead I show myself as an artist who isn’t thinking as an artist.  Silly me, I just didn’t want any one to steal anything.  Artists:  Bee called on her way to a conference to tell me that she finally got her art life condensed into a 30 second speech.   Forty years of life in one sentence….good stuff. 
Life is leg lifts, wonderful dinners brought in by Captain Poolie…thank you over and over.  I grumble at my keyboard as it doen’t fit my fingers, And grumble about the onctinual error messages on OD.  Losing weight because the food isn’t edible, cheering on G who has lost almost twice what I have at’s the best part of life here.  New dressings today.  Reading the magical Rosemary Kirstein’s Steerwoman series.   Falling asleep to early.  Laughing with friends, appreciating the cards, and knowing it’s ok today.


  1. I am happy to see your progress. And I love the pictures. I wish we had comicon here. We have something to do with furry animals, always held on the hottest days of summer. I can't bear looking at all those people covered in hot, fake fur.

    It's great you can see so much from your room. The field and hedgerow sound great.

  2. A room with a view, good thing. Sorry about the exercises, necessary but so hard to do. Be well soon.

  3. Love your photos, Mage. I'm sorry for the pain you're having to deal with. Absolutely take the darn pain pill. As for the exercises, well... You do have to do them. Sigh... Sorry.

  4. Photos are amusing. Glad you've got hedgerow action. I too would advocate pain pills when needed. Now please do those exercises.

  5. Tremendous progress from when I saw you on Sunday. Tremendous!

  6. David had a sqyirrel outside his room at the nursing home where he stayed the Sept he had hip replacement. I watched the darn thing burying his nuts in a planter hanging out back and wondered if he would find them come spring. The worst part of the darn thing....exercise.


  7. Exercise is the pits but the results will be worth the effort. Glad you are blogging and I hope you find some paper and art supplies so you can least sketch the thoughts and sights in your head.


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