August 12, 2013


Tory Pines Glider Port, 2013.

Life is Really in the Footnotes:
  • Himself:  Cooked an incredible fresh produce meal last night.  At work now.  Picking up after me where I cannot bend over beyond 90 degrees.  Laundry.  A dear, dear man.
  • Herself:  Gliding.  Yesterday PT guy said I was well ahead of the norm.  Even with my toe.  Blog, heading downstairs to pick up my messes, finding a new book.  Still have the kennel cough and horrid earache.  Hospitals do that to me.  I may break down and call the doc.
  • Family et al:  Bee still has some family with her.  Dr. prescribed a little valium.  Lessa called to tell us she read that we would be healthier with more grandchild time.  We are still grinning.

  • Balance:  Reading mindlessly.


    1. I doubt that I am healthier with more grandchild time. I am better about what we eat and more active, but the day after they leave I sleep all afternoon.

    2. Himself: What a great guy! Tell him I said he is wonderful.

      Herself: I'm so thrilled to hear that your PT feels you're doing really well. That is very encouraging. However, if something is not feeling right, call the doctor now please.

    3. Glad you are doing well, don't let the kennel cough or whatever get away from you. I too sleep a lot after the grandkids have left. Of course if you are looking for a cure for insomnia...

    4. My son-in-law glides like that--for real. Glad you're gliding along on the ground (for now). Remember, the sky's the limit!


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