August 18, 2013

Health Report: 3 and 1/2 weeks

Maintenance work being done on Pilgrim, Festival of Sail, 2012.

Health Report:  Inching along without a walker upstairs during the day.  Small stretches only.  I have no desire to trip and fall then do this all over again.  My cough, truly kennel cough, is lessened with pills, inhalers, nostrums, and potions.  Since I am not coughing all night long, I sleep better.  Oh, hurrah.

I’d jump up and down cheering all the while if I could.  But I won’t. 

No bending my hip at more than 90 degrees…the hip will pop out.  Later I can bend over, but not yet.  G bought the very best of the pincher-pickup things.  Thanks to this tool, I can put on pants, under pants, pull up covers, and best of all pick up the masses of things I drop.  And I drop everything.

No crossing my legs either.  I couldn’t do that to start with thanks to the lymphedema.   Now, no crossing because the new hip might dislocate. 

What I can do is walk…with my walker-with-a-seat…to the corner of the block….twice a day.  I can climb down two flights of stairs, and up them again.  We have lift off indeed.  Walking half way around the blog is next.  I walked into Tar-Jay yesterday…gripping G’s arm and a cane.  That was beyond exciting.  We bought school things for Zoe, and, after reading Vogue, I added a little denim jacket. 

Hope is such a wonderful song.

Life is Really in the Footnotes:

  • Himself:  Deserves an award for the best caretaker ever….while going to work, before work, after work, et al.  Has not served dried chicken breasts with mashed potatoes once, either.

  • Herself:  Eat, meds, read, walk, exercise, eat, read, walk, exercise, eat, West wing, meds, sleep.  Today Margot visits, and the PT guy is at noon.

  • Reading:  Working my way through the Hillerman’s.  They seem new to me as it was so very long ago that I read them.

  • Balance:  Walking.


    1. I looked up that lymphedema thing and I think this is what David had for a while. Just curious, in the hospital did they put ice on your wound? With all the law suits, I wondered if the hospitals were still icing the injury as before.

      Your progess is grand. David could not cross his legs either, but today he does. The 90 degree thing would bug me the most. My biggest challenge is putting on socks in the AM. What brand "picker-upper" did G get.

      I am full of questions aren't I?

      Enjoy Hillerman.

    2. Yae! I'm so glad things are looking up. It sounds scary to think about the hip popping out though. Your picker upper thing sounds fabulous. Where can you pick up something like that?

    3. When my husband broke his hip (with about a month in rehab), I walked around the house with a yardstick, making sure that every seat was higher than 18 inches.

      [The riser I put on the toilet seat gave me backaches for years.]

    4. Vogue reading and jean have given me real hope that you are on the mend. BUT I must comment that when I went on that Disney cruise years ago jean jackets were also in vogue then!! Are these with studs and glitter or torn and faded? I cannot keep up with the styles. I am packing for a river cruse...not bragging, but it does fit in with this rant and I must blog on this, because it is a challenge.

    5. Yes, Hope is wonderful.
      I'm cheering for you!
      Glad your husband is taking care of you and that you are not bored stiff. :)

    6. Hope is good. My neighbor just had hip surgery, she says she has less pain than before the surgery already. Glorious!

    7. Hadn't thought about keeping the new hip from popping out. So you are exercising and learning a new way maneuver in the world. You sound better, so glad.

    8. I've been reading through your posts trying to catch up. I'm sorry you've had such a difficult time of things - recovering from surgery and the loss of two friends must be awfully hard on you. Sending big hugs your way.


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