August 21, 2013


Details of the Surprise, San Diego Maritime Museum.

Someone asked, really they did.

Medline makes a pincher type grabber that’s the most useful thing in my life right now.  (For those who want to know: REF MDS86031RCE).The two pinchers form a big U shape that’s sturdy and can pull on almost anything.  Since I still cannot bend beyond a 90 degree angle with my hip, for me it is really important to be able to do things by myself.

Thanks to these pinchers, I can grab a whole pant leg tightly in the U, put it on the floor, not letting go, then when my foot is in the opening, I can pull it up.  Ditto underwear.  Without them, I couldn’t get dressed.  They give me a degree of independence I wouldn’t have otherwise.

Oh, hurrah!

Life is Really in the Footnotes:
  • Himself:  Silently pounded along all day on Subrogations.  He loves ‘em.
  • Herself:  Walked only once yesterday, but stretched something too much yesterday so am slowing it down today.  Slept well…oh, how important this is.  Bathroom at 1330 and 0530…that’s great stuff too.  Still trying to figure out Wordpress.
  • Reading:  A JA Jance Beaumont mystery.  Something different.
  • Balance:  Sitting less and enjoying life more.

    1. Oh the joy of independence. Thanks for the info. I have a pincher thing the hospital gave David. Will check to see if it is like yours or whether the medline people upgraded their tool.

      I had something else to ask you but my mind went blank. Oh well, perhaps later. Dianne

    2. What a cool invention that pincer is. Glad your recovery is going so well, Mage.

    3. I agree! It really is important to be able to do things for yourself. I learned that when I was in the throes of RA (before diagnosis). It was humiliating having to get Hubby to pull up my underwear! I'll remember this if I ever get that bad again!

    4. If I can do it, I know you can too! Just don't give up! (btw, they have a great support team you can email as a last resort. I worked with them several times.)

    5. Sounds like a great device. Independence is very important. Glad you seem to be doing so well.

    6. This pincher thing of yours really sounds very useful even to reach high places since I'm not very tall.


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