August 4, 2013

Mas O Menos / EDIT

My hair needed washing this morning too.

G exercised me thoroly yesterday, and Bee stopped by this morning.  I was just in that wonderful state of ennui where I could enjoy not doing my exercises.  It was delicious to just listen to her instead of moving.

You  have to catch their interest in the first four seconds, the teacher told them about the 30 second introduction.  No one is interested in the first 40 years of your work.  Both of us can say clearly that their first art instructor was John Baldessari.  It’s a huge name in the art world.  Catch and hold anyone’s attention.  Kapow.  Progress.  It’s good to know if I ever have 30 seconds to meet another artist again.

Nothing  fattening to be had here.  Jack in the box food would be considered gourmet indeed.  It was actually.  Dinner was inedible. There was too much salt, and for me to say that is amazing. 

Just for the moment, life is ok….it’s mas o menos.

As Xanga seems on it's last legs, so does Open Diary.  I have struggled for days to leave an entry there, and yesterday it left 3.  Today 1...only after a struggle.  I began at Xanga, and found it was too complecated for me.  Since the 80's, I've been on Open Diary.  As it began to collapse, I created this blog as a mirror blog.  Perhaps soon it will be the only one.  We live in flux.


  1. Wish I could slip you a made-to- order burger from the Ice Burg Drive In here in Walla Walla. You'd love it. Fresh everything. Hope your get a shampoo soon, that always made me feel more than human again.

  2. You will be home soon - surrounded by what you know and love. Much better for your soul.

  3. Gosh, this is the first time I've even heard of Open Diary. So far most everything I've seen is Blogspot, Wordpress or ... darn... I forgot.

  4. Here I am Georgette. I came by to check your blog spot. Trilliumzen.

  5. So many blogging choices. I use Word Press and love it most days. Dianne


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