August 11, 2013

Sunday Footnotes

From a planet far, far away...perhaps that's how I feel today.

Life is Really in the Footnotes:
  • Bee says she is surrounded by love.  I’m so glad that everyone is pulling together.  I’ve been calling, and she sounds remarkably well.  Step son has stepped up to the plate and made arrangements for her.

  • The house was really ok until I brought my messes home with me.

  • G’s a little wary of me and mine after being in charge for the last two weeks.

  • The good foot is some amazing shades of violet and green outside the tape.  I’ve broken so many toes over the years that I’m trying to ignore this one.

  • I get three Physical Therapy appointments and three RN appointments here at home.  Assessment of the house and assessment of me.

  • My kennel cough is better but still with me.

  • Portion control….golly that’s important.

  • Back to doing the driver’s tests here on line.  I really want to pass and keep my drivers license.

  • Weather report: Mostly cloudy later clearing to 72 degrees and partial sunshine.

    1. Ouch, Mage. Please take care of yourself. I'm glad you're able to move around OK now.

    2. Or are you? Does this mean you have to stay in bed?

    3. Another challenge...renewing your driver's license. Do you have to take the driving test again?

    4. I still have sore toes, too, different reason. It does make walking and therapy more difficult.

      My sympathies and I'm hinking of you as you persevere through all the hard stuff facing you, including that cloud looming over comfort food therapy--the dreaded portion control!

    5. Didn't get over here yesterday owing to back pain. I think the back thing is muscles made sore from favoring my hip. Will call MD this morning to make an appointment for back. Got to get therapy before hip surgery. Lost 0.6 oz this past week. Good thing I failed at cookie making. This is slow going for sure.

      Hope you are not as black and blue and purple and violet in a few days. Do be careful of your stairs. Poor G. I know how he feels. If I could wave a wand and have it work, I would make you better. Dianne

    6. PB reader here, in other words. I'm glad you are mending so fast, so well.


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