August 22, 2013

The Leg

Visiting CA with our Virgin Mary’s on the Stoop.  1982, the year before I met G.

I spent a few moments this morning looking for pictures of this offending member, this poor worn out too early part, my right Leg.  I found plenty of pictures focused on my left leg but few of the right.

They used to look alike.  Don’t laugh.  Leave that to me.

I did something in the dead of the night two nights ago.  A painful something.  The Leg still works but it hurts.  I actually took a whole pain pill last night.  Darn.  G’s suggests I call the doc at least leaving a message.  I’m hoping it gets better.

Dinner out tonight with the Captain.  I get to walk a few yards with my fancy walker.  Maybe she can tell me more about Wordpress over our wonderfully enticing salads, and, while we finish these greens, we get to hear all about the play, about all the actors, about the excitements in her life that will take us away from all thoughts of the Leg.

Life is Really in the Footnotes:
  • Himself:  I think he has had it with housework and caretaking on top of work.
  • Herself:  Walked half a block further yesterday.
  • Reading:  Kellerman.
  • Balance:  Not thinking.


    1. I'm sure it will be fine times tonight! Leg and all.

    2. I think G is right - you should call the doctor. You don't want to let anything happen to delay your recovery. Enjoy your time out!

    3. Oh the cheesecake photos of yesteryear. A trip down memory lane is not in the cards. Our poor legs. Let us laugh together. Dianne

    4. Nice photo of your legs. Wish mine looked as good. I am sure the pain will disappear after another week. It took 3 weeks for mine to do so after hernia surgery last year.

    5. Nice legs and no body asked me but call the doctor.

    6. Been there with the pain. Sometimes it's so bad that only the 'biggies' will do.

      I'm now at week 4. I must say that I'm substantially better than this time last week. Let's keep hoping!

    7. Call the doctor if you do not feel better in 24 hours. Good looking legs, by the way.

    8. Oh yowch! I'm so sorry, Mage. I sure hope that pain subsides. You do have lovely legs.


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