September 10, 2013

All Things Come...

….to those Who Don’t Know the Answers.

Happiness is a Colorful County Fair Quilt.

Then there’s all those new rules too.  If you are a senior of my age, living in the State of California and over the age of 71, you have to retake the written exam every five years.  I passed.  I no longer look 18 on my new license, and because I am old, old, old, I only had to take half the test.  I guessed on four of the questions, and I only missed one….by chance.  All that studying I did, and there were four questions I had never seen before.

Four years from now I get to be frightened to death again.  Yes, I am laughing.

Life is Really in the Footnotes:
  He’s also begun a blog here on Blogger.  He’s spending hours on the phone today because his files are not saving to the servers.  Tonight he is taking me out to a really good dinner.
  • Herself:  Getting there at 0645 would have been good.  But even then, the wait was only one and a half hours.
  • Reading:  Three Joe Leaphorn mysteries.
  • Balance:  Shopping with Margot at the Discovery shop.

    1. Congrats on passing the test.....In 4 more years, the rules will probably have changed again.....
      Loved the colorful.

    2. Congratulations! I'm glad we don't have to do that here! Do you still have to take the driving test?

    3. Gosh CA is mean to you. I got mine renewed by checking a box. On the other hand, my state is charging tax on retail stuff from Amazon. What a shock. I hope they put it too good use. Dianne

      PS thanks for computer tips. I ordered today, we will see how well it works.

    4. Congratulations on passing the test. Not sure renewal will be an issue for me unless I progress further in recovery.

    5. Congratulations! it's good the wait wasn't as long as you'd feared. You inspired me to check on the regulations for older drivers here, and I've discovered there's no retesting but that in most states they are required to take medical tests - though not in mine. Slack we are!

    6. Hooray, mobile again in more ways than one! Congrats on your driver's test.

    7. Oh my, what a worry! Glad you passed! Awful if you would have had to go again, wait and try again...Hrrah

    8. Congratulations! Every four years??? No kidding? Sigh...


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