September 9, 2013

Big Stuff

June 2013.

Who ever would have thought that YouTube would be such a grand source of drivers license tests.

In all the fuss about my hip and tendon, I forgot that I had to take the written drivers license test before my birthday.  There are no appointments until the 17th, and my birthday is well before that date.  You see my problem.  You can walk in without an appointment and wait….which is what I will have to do. 

Our thought is that if I go in the moment the doors open at the DMV, perhaps I will be seen sometime in the morning.  Until then, all I can do is study.  I think my lesson for the month is don’t forget the big stuff in the middle of the big stuff.

Life is Really in the Footnotes:
  He’s also begun a blog here on Blogger.  Played his newest game, fixed dinner, and went to a meeting.  Today he is taking me to the doc.  Tomorrow he works up north.

  • Herself:  Feeling much more comfortable with the written test now that I’ve been taking so many.  Driving Grumpy tomorrow.

  • Kids:  They made it home tired and cold once they figured out how to turn on the air which had been turned off.

  • Reading:  One of the Joe Leaphorn mysteries.

  • Balance:  Meditation and not thinking.


    1. I think your plan for getting in is good but just don't go until the middle of the week. Everyone goes on Monday and Tuesday. Good luck!

    2. Good luck with the waiting and the testing.

    3. Go early. They have a different system now. It should not take long at all.

    4. Poor you. I hate dealing with the DMV. Last year, they mailed me a new license without the visit. VA sounds a bit easier to deal with, although I had a CA license years ago, I forgot how I got it.

      Scheduled surgery for Sept. 26 and began the preliminary junk. Thanks for the tips on laptops and things. I had a HP laptop and gave it to David. Also, giving my Sony VAIO to Brother D. Dianne

    5. Some things just fall through the cracks no matter what, good luck with your driver's test.

    6. I was so inspired by Hillerman's Leaphorn/Chee stories I visited the Navajo Res, on my last trip out west. I went to Window Rock, Gallup, Tuba City, Canyon deChelly, and more of the places he mentioned in this books!! Good luck on the test! Just dont answer YES that you've ever been knocked unconscious!

    7. How good that you can practise the driving test online. How often are you required to take the test, I wonder? Must you do a practical drving test too? It sounds an excellent idea, in theory, but I'm selfishly glad that Australians, once they have their licence, aren't ever required to do a retest.
      It's already the 11th here as I type this, so.... Happy Birthday!

    8. I'm not looking forward to having to take any drivers test. Yikes. Good luck in everything.


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