September 12, 2013


I survived my birthday yesterday much better than usual.  I’ve taken the airplanes flying into the twin towers badly over the years.  Falling bodies, flames, good guys and ladies dying are not the way I like to start the day.  The horror of that 9/11 stayed with me and was reborn on every 9/11.  This year I was able to watch a program on the towers and the new museum though I couldn’t watch the planes flying through the buildings.

I used to hate my birthday when I was a kid.  The first day of school and my birthday coincided every single year no matter what I thought about it.  There I was, on a day that should have been filled with good stuff, heading in to another year of failure.  With my unknown learning disabilities, I always failed at school.

Now I am getting used to having a birthday a few days late.  Late doesn’t matter any more, just having a birthday is all that I care about.  Best of all, I can remember it.

Life is Really in the Footnotes:
  He’s also begun a blog here on Blogger.  Heading up to Carlsbad for a second day of training.  New work computer.  Did you know the new Word is in the cloud?  G needs to have it on his computer.  That was interesting.
  • Herself:  Worked hard at the Discovery shop.  Grocery shopped by power scooter at Tar-jay.  So pooped that I couldn’t stay awake when I got home.  Half a pain pill at bed time, and I almost sleep through the night.  We have progress.
  • Reading:  ”Mrs. Tim Christie”
  • Balance:  Keeping out of Marta’s way this morning.


    1. ♫♫Happy Birthday, Mage!

      I still don't watch anything to do with the horrors of that day. But you're right about still celebrating your birth. We must and we should!!! :)

    2. Happy happy birthday! I owe you a cupcake! A big red velvet cupcake with cream cheese frosting!

    3. A very happy birthday to you Mage. It was also my grandgirl Julia's birthday; she turned 14. I celebrate you both.

    4. Happy birthday! Glad you were able to enjoy your day. I hope you are taking it a little easy today - don't overdo because you are feeling better.

    5. Happy Birthday. You deserved another one!

    6. Lying in bed this AM and looking at the crack in my wall and around the window. Around my neighborhood, the earth shook and the houses twisted on their foundations when the plane hit the Pentagon. Then the Derracho came followed by the earthquake. Hard to know which event started the cracks but they keeps opening.

      Thinking about all those who died on this date, including two co-workers who died in Shanksville.


      PS David turned 84 on 10 Sept.

    7. Mage, I sense the diascia and scaevola would do well there.

      They'd look great in a pot or spot with something orange/red.

      And you're so very welcome!

    8. I don't have the birthdate traumas that you do, but your last paragraph still applies to me, too.

      Glad you are able to celebrate late.

    9. Not a good event with which to share a birthday. My Vietnamese friends began their new life in Australia on that date, more than 30 years ago; for them the memory of the horror in America is a shadow behind their memory of the joy of a new beginning.

    10. Happy birthday fellow Virgoan!

    11. Happy Birthday, Mage. I'm sorry school was a trial for you. I wasn't a stellar student. School was more a place to meet up with my friends. College woke me up to a bigger world.

      9-11 always brings back detailed memories of disbelief and shock.

    12. I was at work on that day and we all went to the top most floors and could see smoke from the Pentagon rising into the sky before we even knew fully what was happening. Most of us decided to head home, knowing that getting out of the city could be a nightmare.

    13. Well, Happy Birthday! My birthday is the day before, and I have thought many times how glad I am that those towers did not go down a day earlier. I have learned, through the deaths of friends and family, that each birthday is wonderful...take every one that you get. But you don't necessarily have to put a number on them. :)

    14. I'm beginning to allow myself not to grieve and be upset on the 9/11 anniversary. Good things happened on that day, too. One of my neighbors had her son that day. Many others, like you, have birthdays on 9/11. I'm glad you are starting to enjoy yours again and to want what most of us want... just another birthday. :)

      RYN: Your house cleaning story is so honest and funny!
      I'm glad you now have Marta.

    15. I've been among the missing again. It's another queen size quilt that I need to have finished poste haste so it can be quilted by a friend with a long-arm quilting machine. Glad your surgery is such a success. Would love to see photos of that quilt with the inner quilt. The Japanese did that to their clothing -- layered their worn clothing with new fabric and then embroidered the garment's new 'patch' to bind the fabrics together. Sashiko Embroidery is the term to Google. Lovely stuff.

    16. Well it looks like I'm late also. Belated Happy Birthday to you, dear Mage. :)

    17. I'm late too.
      Many Happy Returns Mage.xox


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