September 27, 2013

Fort Rosecrans

We are heading up to Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery a little early this morning.  Hundreds of Michael’s co-workers are expected, and friends have already started arriving.  I found a hat, which will make my skin doctor happy, and Margot will be here at nine.  We will take the truck so I can selfishly haul my walker-with-a-seat along, and remember my camera.  Bobbie wants pictures.

Michael will receive a 21 gun salute, a folded flag, and a few words from a pastor recommended by the folks at the cemetery.  I just know that we will all cry when the honor guard hands the flag to Bobbie.


  1. My thoughts are with you and yours today Mage.

  2. What a touching tribute. 21 gun salute, wow!

  3. Yes, and the traditional folding of the flag is so moving leading up to that presentation of the flag, a tangible acknowledgement of the life of the deceased and of the loss that those left behind are experiencing.

    So glad you are physically able to be there for this memorial and for Bobbie.

  4. This is so hard. I'm glad you're bringing a hat, Mage. Sun glasses would be good too, and tissues along with the walker seat. It always makes me tear up when the flag is presented to the family. It's good that Bobbie will have your comfort on this day.

  5. A nice memorial for all of you. Yes, there will be tears, but perhaps a laugh from a distant story or memory?

  6. The pictures you took are wonderful.


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