September 18, 2013

Found Quilts

Twin sized Fan quilt, depression era fabrics.

Life is quiet, and I am loving it.  Errands and small things fill my days.  I walked all around the block mid morning, a first.  I went to the grocery store, and not only did I forget my yogurt, I forgot the fabric bags I needed to bring everything home. 

As I started to pull into the driveway, there was a white Toyota pulling in to park.  Someone inside was waving, and the windshield wipers were waving too.  Now days, I notice all small white Toyota’s.  It was my eldest.  What a treat.  We had a half hour visit before she headed off to pick up a friend at the airport. 

These are the two quilts I picked up this weekend.  The fan quilt needs a gentle soaking to get it clean, but the other quilt is ruined.  Why did I buy it?  Because it has a much older, tho also ruined, quilt inside.  More depression era fabrics.

Initials carefully sewn on.  A glimpse of the wild backing fabric.

Life is Really in the Footnotes:
  He’s also begun a blog here on Blogger.  He’s still spoiling me.
  • Herself:  Today pool, pick up yogurt, and work at the Discovery shop.  Baked potatoes and garlic broccoli for dinner.
  • Reading:  A DE Stevenson.  An early experiment.
  • Balance:  Sleeping like a log last night.

    1. Even if the quilt is in ruins, it still has such a story to tell. I love the small pieces of fabric and wonder where those scraps came from and what the life time story of the quilter was.....

    2. I wish I could sleep like a log at night. I keep waking up.

    3. So what will you do with the quilts if they are ruined... rework the squares into a new one?

      So nice that you got time to spend with your daughter.

    4. Interesting quilts, can't help thinking about who might have made them and what their path through life was.

      I love it when I see one of my kids or sisters pulling up to my house. Gives me such a good feeling.

    5. Ah, days of small things. Lovely! Mine at present all seem to have at least one commitment. I want one day a week with nothing at all preplanned - but don't think I'm going to get it for some time.
      Great to know you slept like a log.
      Oh, the stories in those quilts!


    6. I find quilts fascinating too.
      I wish I had chosen more interesting colours when I did my once-in-a-lifetime quilt.
      and I'm out of yoghourt too. Bother!

    7. Hi Georgette, not sure what ID will show up here in this note. Think trilliums in the garden. What do you do with all the quilts you have? Same thing with all the blankets I crotchet...they're just piling up.

    8. Not going to rehab after all. Coming home on day 3. Think of you when I see quilts.

    9. If you are walking around the block you've come a long way, baby. You keep yourself moving and life moving and that's great. The quilts are fascinating. I don't have a blog here, yet, but I am 'pb reader' at OD.

    10. Congrats on going around the block. You'll be rushing around everywhere before you know it. Could you make small pillows or lap quilts from the damaged larger quilts? It seems that there should be some way to enjoy them. They are so beautiful. I also think of the person who made them.

    11. Bravo on your walking "first," the special visitor, your rescue and appreciation of vintage quilts, all touchable history with a person's, usually a woman's, life and love captured in every stitch. And oh, yes, sleeping like a log is worth its own celebration!

    12. I'll bet there's a lot of memories stored warmly in those beautiful quilts.


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