September 13, 2013

Friday Lite edit

Bobbie’s smiling fifties mannequin.

  • Himself is going in to the doctor’s office this noon to get a Shingles shot.  He’s considered high risk tho not quite old enough.  He called his insurance company, and they actually approved it for just the office copay.  Normally it is a very expensive shot if you are under sixty.  This is all very exciting stuff.

  • Bobbie called to tell me that United Airlines lied and did not approved the whole of Mickey’s Pension  as she had said before.  She still has the insurance arriving, but her lawyer will "call them in the morning."

  • Naps.  I could discourse for an hour about taking naps.  With me, unless I have an alarm, I will sleep until some crashing sound wakes me.  I really don’t mind being forced to take naps.  My scenario is simple:  Eat lunch, grab book, sit down, fall asleep.  Frankly, I don’t really like this at all.  Duck used to put on PJ’s, nap for an hour, shower, and get going again.  Me…I’m like a bobble head doll, and yesterday was a really long , long, nap.  Still, I slept almost eight hours last night, so maybe I needed it.

  • Books.  I’m having so much fun reading the first volume in the series, “Mrs. Tim Christie.”  I still haven’t found the years during the war…”Mrs. Tim Carries On” for under forty bucks.  This first volume of the four is a clear vision of how life in the Regiment was lived pre-WWII.  D. E. Stevenson had a wonderful talent for seeing a person right through a façade.  I’ve been known to guffaw out loud while reading this quiet book.

  • We are failing a bit with our foods.  The triumph of getting out of Costco for under a hundred was mitigated by our eating pizza.  We had steak to celebrate my birthday….at least it was a small one without the mashed potatoes.  Tonight is Italian night with Dr. Jim and Jim to again celebrate my birthday.  I’ll have an antipasto salad, Filipe’s is the best, and a bite or two of some form of pasta.  I can feel the guilt rising.

  • He trained, up the coast, through the traffic, the last two days to handle total losses.  He isn’t at all dumb, but he admitted that he couldn’t understand the how of it all for the first few.  It appears that unlike subrogations where you spend the day being a detective on the estimate, here you are playing detective with the total of what’s been paid out.  He will be going up next week for more training.

  • I lasted two and a half hours at work Wednesday.  Who ever was filling in for me is still doing the work.  I checked Tuesday morning and had asked the manager to tell the guy not to do our work.  By Tuesday afternoon someone priced and shelved all the books.  This is the second week that I had to call Joan and tell her not to come as someone did all her work….and mine.  Communication on my part needs to be mucho better.


    1. I'm glad your body is taking over and letting you sleep. Guilt is such wasted energy! If you're going to eat pasta - enjoy it! It is your birthday, after all.

    2. Looks like you need those naps. It looks pretty clear that you are moving back into your life, good for you. I love that mannequin, most of them are too aloof for me.

    3. Bodies need sleep for healing, and your's is healing and doing lots of activity, too.

      Love those birthdays that trigger multiple celebrations!

    4. I actually hate naps and fight them when I can. It seems such a waste of a good day when I have so few left. I must admit that subrogation was not in my vocabulary until I met you!

    5. I LOVE my naps in the early afternoon. I feel so much better for the rest of the day. I don't know how I manage to survive the days when we're on trips. I'm glad you're able to get some rest to recuperate.

      Shingles? My husband, mother and daughter all had shingles. I was happy to turn 60 so I could get the shot!

    6. Afternoon naps, I consider, are very civilised. When I worked in a boarding school in Malaysia the students were always required to stay in their dorms for around two hours after lunch. Some read; others slept. We teachers often slept, too. I found when I had that afternoon nap I had much more energy for the rest of the day and needed to sleep less at night.
      Here, because it's colder, I seldom nap. However my energy runs away after lunch, and seldom comes back again till the next day.

    7. Continued good luck with the healing process and finding the book....
      As for "total losses" ~ are you referring to car total losses? We had to use a book and subtract for high mileage and other options. Or check w/several used car lots to get an average price. Probably the process has changed since I did those.

    8. I somehow have missed 3 or 4 days of entries so I am catching up. Surgery and especially anesthetic takes a greater toll on the body than we realize. The naps are necessary and most probably are what is getting you ahead of where most people are healing at this point. Plus, you are motivated and you walk, move, extend yourself in activity. All that requires sleep to regenerate. You 'sound' so good, centered even....

    9. Yes, Shingles is a miserable thing. Good for G. David finally did it.

      Your new book sounds interesting. I haven't been able to read for several days. Had a book and sent it back. Don't remember the title but it was about Britain in the 1990s when "everyone was equal" Ha Ha.

      Dream on with those naps and yes they are good for you.


    10. Put me in the no nap column with Tabor. I hit the ground running between 6 and 6:30 (sometimes 7) and do not stop until 9 or 10 (sometimes 11 or 12). I always feel that there are so many things to do and little time to do them.
      I'm not always content, but I'm never bored.
      I treasure sleep, so for those of you who nap, I say why not.

    11. Shouldn't you have a shingles shot also?
      A Canadian blogger friend warned me about shingles - he had a wretched time.
      No-one over here knew about the vaccine and it took me months to get it done and was quite expensive. Now I hear it is recommended for the over 70's- free. -


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