September 17, 2013

My Day

DigitalGlobe satellite image of COSTA CONOCORDIA taken 308 miles above the Earth on Jan 17, 2012.  Thanks to “Maritime Matters.

While the mentally ill shooter in Washington DC rampaged, I kept the live Reuters feed of the Costa Concordia raising as background on my computer.  While the UN decided that Syria really did use Sarin gas and that it was a war crime, I watched the Concordia inch it’s way upright between reading blogs and working.  It really was like watching paint dry…a simile that left ex-house painter G laughing. 

I took a short time away from the computer to eat dinner with the television news for company.  Nothing on the Concordia but lots on the horror of the Washington shootings.  I worried about fellow blogger Schmidley who lives near to the Pentagon and Tabor in the Virginia wilds hoping they weren’t impacted.  Then I peeked at the computer.

There sat the Costa Concordia,  ….upright though flooded so she would sit on the concrete and metal base.  I felt bereft.  I missed the whole show.  Silly me.  You would think I would know better than to take dinner away from my computer.  Priorities.

Life is Really in the Footnotes:
  He’s also begun a blog here on Blogger.  Working at home today.  Movie night too.  His turn to pick.
  • Herself:  Started the day with two Tylenol, no pain from ten minutes in the pool and five in the hot tub.  Couldn’t sleep.  Today I will try walking around the block with the walker that has the seat.  Get a little more exercise in there.  New driver's license arrived.  I look 300 pounds.
  • Reading:  DE Stevenson.  Joined the DES Yahoo group too.
  • Balance: 


    1. I watched the Concordia paint dry as I worried about people I knew in the area of the shooting. Seems all were safe and sound but stressed completely. I did not watch the Concordia all the way through but was impressed with this engineering feat.

    2. I left the Reuters/Concordia feed up and I missed the finale as well. I saw they are running a time lapse video of the whole thing incredible task.

    3. It was a crazy day yesterday. I just wanted to hide.

    4. I watched off and on throughout the day and missed the finale by minutes. It was still really exciting, though.

      How are you feeling?

      I'm doing well. Getting around nicely.

    5. I unfortunately never seem to take a break from my computer feeds now that I have my I-pad! Lots of sadness yesterday.

    6. Mage -- For you:

    7. I enjoyed watching that italian paint dry via Reuters; thank you. The whole process finished just after 12 noon our time, allowing me to go to gym at 1 p.m. and tell people I'd spent quite a lot of the morning in Italy. Ah, the magic of the internet!
      So good to know you had no pain at the pool.

    8. schmidleysscribblins.wordpress.comSeptember 17, 2013 at 2:49 PM

      We are okay here, although the road they keep showing on TV is my old commuter route.

      Saw the upright ship on TV last night.

      Did you have to present a medical directive and durable power of attorney at the hospital? Brother D back from Europe Sat and coming to hospital to bless me on week is d-day. Dianne

    9. I am behind in my reading and catching up. You sound really, really good.

    10. Schmidleysscribblins.wordpress.comSeptember 18, 2013 at 6:54 AM

      RE your comment. I learned from reading your blog. Dianne

    11. I saw it on the evening news; both the shootings and the Concordia. One was tragic and the other was exhilarating to watch though it was also about tragedy.


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