September 26, 2013


A Halloween display at the Discovery Shop to make you smile.

Thanks to my coworkers, Bill and Barbara, I was able to discard all the outdated books yesterday.  I bagged them, and they carried them to the bins for the St. Vincent de Paul folks to take away.  There were a lot of yellow tagged books this time leaving a great many empty shelves when I was done.  For a few moments I saw panic on the face of the store manager.

“Where are the books?”  She asked me.

It would have been funny if I wasn’t so tired.  I did fill most of the empty shelves by the time I left.  They looked pretty good too, but I’d run out of energy.  Still, yesterday was the longest I had worked since the new hip.  I felt pretty good about that.

Three Special Things:
I was very touched by>Kay's Musing's post today is about three special things that you have accomplished in your lives.  She had a baby in an elevator, taught in one school for one grade for more than 19 years, and Climbed down in the valley of the Kings to see King Tut.

What have I done?  Got clean and sober and have stayed that way for 30 years.  Graduated from college despite severe learning disabilities at age 50.  Made a difference in a few lives with my enthusiasm and art/ or, helped make a park.

What do you all think?

Life is Really in the Footnotes:
  He’s also begun a blog here on Blogger.  I hear him now down in the driveway asking the contractors to remove more asphalt so the garage will stop flooding.  Big machines grinding away down there.  He worked straight through yesterday.  Ditto today.  Took me hat shopping after dinner.  No hats at Macy’s either.  Watched PBS, bed.

  • Herself:  Pool, work, hat shopping.  Hat’s are out.  I’ll just wear a brown straw with my black and green.  I won’t look boring.

  • Reading:  DE Stevenson’s, “Celia’s House.”  Rather dry till ¾ through then a great ending.  Written in the middle of WWII.

  • Balance:  Books.


    1. What do I think? That you are wise to recognize that you have made a difference in the lives of others along with your other major life accomplishments.

    2. So good to read about your long day of working; that new hip is sounding better and better!
      Also good to read about your achievements - big ones, of which you deserve to be proud.
      What have I accomplished in my life? As a teacher, I've provided opportunities for others to progress - though it is sometimes hard to tell whether their later achievements were partly because of my teaching or in spite of it. *smile*
      One student who began Indonesian studies in my class later used her language skills working as an undercover agent for the East Timorese resistance movement. It has been said that without her efforts East Timor would not have become independent. Does that mean I played a part in the creation of that new country? I'm proud of what she did, anyway.
      We are all so interlinked, aren't we.

    3. Thank you so much for your kind mention, Mage. This has been such a fun exercise. I've really enjoyed learning about everybody. Bloggers are such interesting people. I'm so happy to hear about your moving about now and being more comfortable on your new hip.

      I've been terribly busy lately and it's hard to keep my head on straight.

    4. I think you have also been an inspiration for many of us. I'm glad you are feeling good about working but please don't overdo!

    5. I'm glad the new hip is working out. Is the pain much less than before the surgery?

      Accomplishments? I like to think I've done better than was expected of me, my parents had very low expectations and it took me a long time to realize that I could do more. I raised two children that I like enormously as adults but I give them most of the credit. I've shared my talents, music, art, gardening with others. But mostly I've tried not to over consume and to be kind.

    6. Never forget that, whatever else you may or may not have accomplished, every good human being you brought up is special and will spread what you've taught.

    7. I think you are incredibly strong and amazing.


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