September 15, 2013

Stepping On Out

Quilts, clock, hat, chair….all at the San Diego County Fair 2013.

Stepping on out yesterday.  That’s what we did.  I had to take a name tag that said Maggie back to the Cancer Society back room.  I’d forgotten mine, and what would happen if Maggie needed it instead of Mage.  While we were out, I picked up two handmade quilts at an estate sale.  It was the first sale since I got the new hip.

One is a charming fan quilt, but the other is an unusual nine patch.  The outter fabric is coming apart so I was able to peer in to the inside of it.  There was another quilt iin there made entirely with depression era fabrics.  I was charmed out of ten bucks.  There was a second quilt….a mate.  I didn’t get it.  G ran them both through the dryer, and now, smelling nice, they are draped over my quilt rack. 

I didn’t need more quilts.  The last batch I bought, I enjoyed for a while then took to the store.  I think these are too shredded to sell even at a thrift store.  Oh, but when you peek inside…..

Life is Really in the Footnotes:
  He’s also begun a blog here on Blogger.  Few people at the museum yesterday afternoon.  He doesn’t know why.
  • Herself:  Ruined my neck at the computer, then enjoyed the new JA Jance/Beaumont mystery with Beau’s two new knees a focus.  I with my new hip understand.
  • Reading:  Nothing, but there’s a pile next to my side of the bed.

  • Balance:  Stepping on out….


    1. What a find with that double quilt...Are the depression era fabrics in fair shape? I know you will consider taking photos of them. Continued good luck with your recovery.

    2. That's quite a prize a quilt inside a quilt. Love to peek at the insides. Glad you got out and about!

    3. I am happy with my new lap top. Don't yet know where I will be with rehab, but will do some research this week. The new Mac has WIFI built in so I can find whatever is nearby and hook up. So fascinating. Also Apple offers classes on the use of your new computer. Will check these out after surgery. Dianne

      PS going back to look at G's stairs to nowhere.

    4. Hooray for stepping on out!

      Quilts from the past can enrich the present.

    5. Wonderful to be back in the pace of reading your blog. It is like waves on the shore to me. Waves which hold hidden bits of lovely shells that wash up. Quilts? Did you ever post why these call to you and why you are addicted to purchasing more than you need? At least it is a useful addiction. I am always amazed at what is considered second hand in your wealthy area of the country...we have what is REALLY second hand here.

    6. What a find, a quilt within a quilt! How I wish it could speak, tell you who sewed that inner quilt, and where and when.

    7. Most of the quilts here are of the Hawaiian sort. I do however, actually prefer the mainland type with all the colors and designs. Lucky you!

    8. All this talk of quilts is planting a dangerous seed within me. I may be tempted to purchase one.
      A few years ago, I was interested in learning to quilt, but knew realistically, that it wasn't my time. I would have had to give up blogging! I couldn't do that!

    9. Is it possible to pick out all the quilting stitches that attach the 9 patch to the quilt inside? The more I watch on TV and read about quilt conservation and how important it is to have the older ones preserved, even if a bit tattered and torn.

      Quilts are one of the ways women's history is being expanded upon.

      You might check with a museum that displays quilts to find an expert. OR I would be honored to pick out the stitches over the winter. I have plenty of time and need a hand work project for TV watching time.


    What a delight to get a note from you. Thanks for leaving one.


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