October 22, 2013


Fuzzy image of both vee-hickles at home with the great Geezer.  2007.

Our delightful neighbor has flown away to Florida see her mom who isn’t doing well.  She left behind her two cats who grew up together but don’t like each other.  The Great Geezer has been delegated to feed them and play with them for the next nine days.  Zena the Warrior Kitty loves the Great Geezer, but Gracie is skittish. 


If the front door is open, Zena will come visit sprawling herself all over the entryway.  I like this.  I love cats and miss my/our many year progression of kitties.  (Kitty Cat, Kitten, Falstaff, Pico, Harold, Sterling, and my favorite yard cat, Frazier.)  I don’t miss the allergy reactions in either of us though.  I miss the love and company, but I don’t miss the fur balls, the ruined furniture, plus doctor and vet bills.  I think those two groups may balance out.

The cats are shut in their house today, and we have shut Grumpy away in the garage while Myrtle lives on the street.  Our driveways have been patched, and today is the day they get sealed.  I need some things from the grocery store, but I will walk.


This is not good at all, but I remember this happening after the last major surgery too.  My heart is in good condition, but my body isn’t.  This time I am many months out of shape.  Right now, we are drinking less coffee, more decaf, and napping more.  I forgot to get decaf yesterday, and it’s a good reason to get out there and pound the streets….PANTING.

Life is Really in the Footnotes:
  • Himself:  He’s also begun a blog here on Blogger.  Reduced his portions size and has begun to lose weight.  Ran up and down stairs all day doing laundry while working his subro queue.  Meeting in Poway.
  • Herself:  Pool now up to half an hour, more photos for Facebook at the store, Facebook where I am posting once a day to the American Cancer Society Discovery Shop Point Loma Facebook page.  Boy that’s awkward.  Later read, nap, fix dinner, watch Antique’s Roadshow rerun.  I don’t think our PBS station bought the new season of Antique’s Roadshow, and I am not impressed with a year of reruns.
  • Reading:  A pompous new detective.
  • Balance:  Walking.


    1. You said it all: the cats were fun, but the side effects were awful.

      There is still a feline in my house, but he is learning to stay away from me. I told my daughter, I will no longer accept sharing my bathroom with a cat!

    2. I am also allergic to cats and my last one was way back in high school. I think that walking is the best exercise anytime, even in the rain. One of the women in my master gardener meeting threw a fit (not an exaggeration) that we were considering a FB page for the group. She was adamant that it was a terrible insecurity for us all!!

    3. When our last cat died, we did not get another. I too have allergies and my daughter and several of my granddaughters are asthmatic. Cats bring on attacks.
      Happy tohear G is losing weight again. My loo finally resumed, but who know what next week will bring. Important to rebuild our strength I think. Flu shots today for both of us. Dianne

    4. I took a walk yesterday for the first time since the knee replacement. And even though I've been back at the gym for two months, I was panting a bit as I trudged uphill.

      We, too, are without kitties for the first in a very long time. (Louie, Porkchop. Maggie Meow, Bernadette, Jezebelle, Murphy Black, and Azrielle.) I miss the companionship, but not the litter boxes, the vet, the smell of catfood, and the cat hair, and of course, the thought of having to put them down. This was ALWAYS so painful...

    5. How did you manage to have all those cats and have allergies?!

      Your physical status seems to be two steps forward, one backward. Stick with it... the stepping... pushing forward.

    6. I miss my two kitties too but not the allergic reaction! I'd love to have a dog - no allergy problems, just vet bills!

    7. I am so fiercely allergic to cats it amazes even me. Many trips to the emergency room for steroids. Can't wait to get the cheese dish!

    8. What good neighbours you are.
      I inherited an unease with cats from my mother. It doesn't deter the cats from jumping on my lap.
      Running our of decaff would be serious in this household.

    9. Recovering from flu shots today. Walking all over hospital today. I can hardly wait until doc says I can visit pool again.
      I am wied!! Finally got to the Apple store. Dianne

    10. Katren...In ConclusionOctober 23, 2013 at 11:12 AM

      I love how well you're getting around. Go you

    11. My cat is snoozing at my feet as I type this; I'm very glad I have no cat allergies.
      Great to know you have increased your pool time and that you are walking more. That fitness is coming back! Terrific!


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