October 13, 2013

Again to the Library

The central lobby arch with ceiling treatment and large scale textures in the lobby.

I finally got the Geezer interested in going down to the new library.  Probably he is doing this just to please me, but maybe he is interested in the architecture too.  He’s not much of a book reader though he will read things on a screen for hours.

Why, I wonder, didn’t I go to the old main library and photograph its delightful, 1950’s, post Bauhaus detailing.  The terrazzo entrance.  The huge brass surround on the elevator.  The brass handrails leading you up and down stairs.  The oak tables.  The built in phone booth.  The lack of air-conditioning.  I hated that when I was a kid and mother sent me to get addresses there for a direct mailing list.  The heat was excruciating and all I wanted was a smoke.

Left: The central arch in the new lobby.  Right: A floor tile pattern that echos the continual patterns in the new building.

Wire mesh as elevator texture with a visiting photographer.

Left:  Hall wall texture.  Right: Elevator lobby ceiling with spaces to slide doors.

Old Central Library fa├žade.  C San Diego Reader.

Left: The built in Phone booths.  C Drawn and Quarterly.   Right: The Wagenheim Room, designed to look like a 1910 private library.  Today there’s a very modern room.  C UTSsandiego.

Study area inside the dome.

Of course I will come home with an acre of images that will bore you to bits.  I’ll apologize but be a very happy me though.  Very.


  1. Wow!!!! It's really beautiful!!!! Thanks for sharing it!!!!!

  2. Cameras in hand we go explore!

  3. I wish we had one like that close to us. I have to drive 30 minutes and our new library has just a small collection.

  4. If it gets you out and about, and lifts your spirits, it's a good thing.
    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Dianne

  5. Loving the photos. But I'm confused. Is this the major blog? Bonnie

  6. I love the way you notice details. You have me looking at our local buildings with more attention; thank you.
    I'm looking forward to seeing your photographs from today's excursion.

  7. Fantastic building and goodie, it's a library too.

  8. You keep reminding me to go and see our new main library. I don't think it is as lavish as this!

  9. I am catching up again. Still uninterested in writing or reading diaries. Best get out my SAD light and get to it...will prop it on the front of the treadmill tomorrow and elevate mood while I move.

  10. The 1910 one looks very familiar.
    Super study area although I'd be tempted to just absorb the surroundings.

  11. Libraries are places of delight for me. A favorite childhood summer destination was our city library. It was a mysterious treasure trove of adventure.


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