October 27, 2013

Chairs and Other Familiar Things

Window, 2013.
We stopped in at two estate/yard sales then moved up to Balboa Park.  While he worked at the museum, I visited the Mingei’s three shows.  Wonderful iron work by Jennings including the house he built in Sonoma.  Delightful pots, woods, and sculpture from the Allied Craftsmen, and Charm Quilts on display in a back room gallery.  

Best of all for me was the show on chairs.  You know you are old when you not only recognize something in a museum, you either own it or it’s been a part of your life in the past. 


  1. A chair show is something you could really get your back-(side) into.

    Muchas Smuchas

  2. Sounds like fun. I would have enjoyed the pots/crafts.

    My youngest son visited today, up here for high school reunion. He said a one table was filled with photos of those who had died. Made me so sad to think of these kids from long ago, now dead. One of his friends, a gal died of a heart attack. I told him (who smokes and drinks..probably too much) "You know you are in the heart attack ages (48). Dianne

  3. Oh yes, in a museum I saw a doll in a display and some metal airplanes circa WW2 that I had as toys as a child. Wish I still had them. ;-)

  4. A chair show? I don't think I could get into that. My arty side is too shallow, I am afraid.

  5. Nice day. Our youngest son's best friend said he liked coming to our house when he was younger, about 20 yrs ago, cause we were the only people he knew who still used a rotary phone. It finally bit the dust, and we had to move into the real world..

  6. More and more I'm seeing memorabilia in folk museums identical with objects in our house when I was a child. Definitely evidence that I am old!

  7. Too funny! I know exactly what you mean!


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