October 3, 2013

Goal One

In the Blue.

No panting, no more out of breath, no more long breaks while my body catches up with my mind.  My first goal is to walk from point A to point B just like I did at 50.  Soon I will be out of the blue and into the pink…fer sure.

I realize it seems silly to drive to take a walk, but I live on a hill.  Hills are good for walking, but flat is better for distance walking.  I want to build up stamina and leave the ennui behind.  I don’t think I’m up to walking on sand yet, so Grumpy and I will head to the bay side of our world.  There are benches for those of us faint of breath.  There are bathrooms for those of us in need.  Imagine that.

Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays, I walk in the pool for ever increasing lengths of time.  There I can also do jumping jacks and leg lifts while building my stamina.  Tuesday and Thursday’s you can find me saying good morning to other walkers along side the bay.  Maybe even Saturday or Sunday with the Great Geezer.  Who knows.

First goal:  I want to be able to walk again comfortably.

Life is Really in the Footnotes:
  He’s also begun a blog here on Blogger.  He had to buy pants another size larger.  Enough.  He began ten strict days on the Atkins diet last night.  He lost 85 pounds on it before, but I worry about it.

  • Herself:  Eating less.  Actual pain in stomach so need an afternoon snack.  Rid of all but the big walker and Duck’s cane.  Martha, a young, brilliant biologist, will have her memorial tomorrow just when I am committed to working for two.  Part of my Poets group, she was a dear friend and neighbor of Marion B.

  • Reading:  A Cadell from the library.  “Mrs. Tim Carries On” will be next.  I’ll find a cheap hardbound copy somewhere.

  • Balance:  Feeling stronger every day.


    1. I'm cheering for you -- & yeah, I know what you mean about hills!!! I have to get past that, too.

    2. The swim exercise must be great for the muscles when you have joint pains, good for you. I admire your grit and planning for this.

    3. I admire your ability to stick to it. You have already accomplished so much in your recovery!

    4. Applause!! Cheers! You go girl. Keep that stiff upper lip and that lilt in your step. You will be so surprised at yourself by the holidays!

    5. I am cheering and waving all the way from over here! WAVE WAVE!

    6. And you sill do whatever you set your mind to. Of this I am certain.

    7. Applause and cheers are also floating up to you from down here on the underside of the planet. Keep at it; you'll soon be fitter than you've been for many years.

    8. Walking. So important to our daily health. ODAT. Dianne

    9. Good for you, Mage. I am pleased with your progress.

    10. You have done remarkably well due no doubt to perseverance and hard work. I miss your posts on OD. Apparently I started an account here, but haven't started a blog. (maybe)

      Anyway, good for you!

    11. I'm very happy for you...hearing of your physical progress!

    12. Actually, your state of mind, too - getting rid of the ennui. (I'll have to use that word on someone. :) )

    13. Good for you, Mage! I'm really enjoying seeing your progress. I like driving elsewhere to walk too because we also live on a hill.


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