October 18, 2013

Meet Grumpy

Grumpy goes to the Automotive Museum, 2013.

Nationwide Insurance is running a contest called https://meetmybaby.nationwide.com Meet my Baby.
  Check out the link.  Although we don’t have our insurance through Nationwide, G is going to enter our 19 year old, grumpy truck in the contest.

Frankly, I don’t know what to tell them.  He was born with an electrical short and a driveline that wasn’t quite straight.  A year of electrical work and three clutches later, and he earned the name of Grumpy.  Now he has a packet of maintenance invoices over four inches thick.  We think should be the winner. 

Then again, we just discovered, because they hire G's company, he's an affiliate.  Neither of us can enter grumpy in the contest.  Darn!

Grumpy goes to watch the South Bay Power Plant implosion at dawn, with Mage.  2013.

Grumpy goes to the Glider Port, 2013.

Life is Really in the Footnotes:

  • Himself:  He’s also begun a blog here on Blogger.  He had a wonderful time playing detective yesterday.
  • Herself:  Walked.  The IBS put my back out…but that happens.  I finished the background for the Hodad’s piece, dinner and read.

  • Reading:  One of the 1980’s Noah Webster.  Really good stuff.

  • Balance:  Enjoying having my living room back.


    1. Waiting for photos of your new living room. I am always amazed at what you can get into it and how artfully you do it.

      My gut is finally getting back to normal. IBS is awful..

      Good luck with your old Grumpy. We have a 33-year old Toyota station wagon that has been through the wars that looks much worse but has no name. My new Toyota (2004) is named June. Dianne

    2. I think you deserve a medal for perseverance. I hope Grumpy wins.

    3. I don't think we have ever given names to our vehicles. Lol. Good luck!

    4. You need some theme..."Just like Nationwide...grumpy is always on our side." Hokey, I know. Maybe you can come up with something better.

    5. Grumps is the best special needs truck ever!

    6. Best wishes to Grumpy. Such a difficult start he had and how well he has endured!

    7. Your grumpy looks like a real goer, Mage. Good for you. I love seeing how happy you look. Yae!

    8. Gee - Grumpy is older than my little red car was at 16. He sure looks good. I need to find a name for my new car.

    9. Grumpy is s handsome fellow! My little Miss Ruby is a bit younger but and could use a lil' work but looks great for her 10 years and 87,000 miles,

    10. I had a picture in my mind from earlier Grumpy mentions of a rusty, banged up relic. Instead your photos introduce a rather engaging, handsome Grumpy who looks quite ready and able to share adventures with a talented, vibrant lady.


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