October 21, 2013


The newest incarnation of the living room.  2013.

I wasn’t happy with the cramped living room.  The moment I had the energy, I redid it with the drawing board replacing the never used dining room table.

I especially appreciate the room after helping Bobbie’s family begin the cleanup of her mom’s house.  Her brother is a hoarder.  Afterwards, we pulled into the garage, shut the door, and began taking off our clothes directly into the washing machine.  We then walked up the two flights of stairs straight into the shower. 

We had worn not only dust masks but also gloves.  That helped, but we were filthy.

It was nice to come downstairs after our showers and walk into this fresh living room. 

Life is Really in the Footnotes:
  • Himself  Has begun posting photos of the new show at the Museum.  The earliest Corvettes were lovely things.
  • Herself:  Errand day.  Cleaners, making appointments, that sort of thing.
  • Reading:  A Noah Webster mystery….these are well crafted works.

  • Balance:  Sunshine.


    1. The room is gorgeous! A real sanctuary!

    2. I love blue and white. Great combo.

    3. Absolutely perfect!!! You deserve it!!!

    4. I love that chair and ottoman - I remember how comfortable it is!

    5. That looks comfy. You're lucky I don't live nearer. Ahem.

    6. Beautiful room....so cozy and inviting. I want to have a great book to read and snuggle up in that quilt.

    7. Wow, I don't recognize the place. You inspire me.

      Finished the David Hewson book, Being frivolous, I spent the whole day reading fiction, finished Carnival of the Dead. Highly recommend it!!

      Exercise..walked the dog this AM. IBS subsided.

    8. each time I see you re-decorate I think how wonderful it would be if you could come and help me finish decorating my master bedroom. I think it was always be a spare and bare place to sleep! It has to be red, with a hint of gold or silver and a feel of luxury...but not busy!

    9. How truly lovely I find your blue and white and the dark furniture. Clean and peaceful. That patterned carpet though, (and I'm sure it's special) and my astigmatism could never co_exist :-)




    10. Katren...In ConclusionOctober 21, 2013 at 4:59 PM

      Sorry! That anonymous is me. I pressed the wrong button

    11. Such a beautiful room!

    12. Katren...In ConclusionOctober 21, 2013 at 5:00 PM

      Sorry! Anonymous is me. I pressed the wrong button

    13. Sorry, Not only am I Anonymous, but I continue to press the wrong things. One more try

    14. Wow! This really looks great! It's so cozy and makes for a great conversation area. People would never leave your house!

    15. It looks so peaceful and welcoming. Beautiful work Mage.

    16. I'm here, catching up on you, can't seem to stay current. I dearly love your cozy room, however you configure it. The quilt is interesting, the pattern is what? I really like it!

    17. Looks like a nice place to curl up and read, or to nap.

      I love the white, though I can't have it because of children and a dog.

      Well, I must admit that I might be tempted to eat in the room and then I'd be guilty, too, of getting things dirty.

      I've never been in full blown hoarder's house. Seems very intimidating.

    18. I love deep blue and white - a joy to sit there.


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