October 12, 2013

Hung Up My Cane

Newly filled shelves with Poe and Twain.

Things sound simple these days, I try to call Bobbie every day and try to exercise, but they aren’t.  I sometimes leave messages for Bobbie who has suddenly taken to going out into the world.  All those years of staying home “just in case” are gone now for her.  Then again, now every day I’m marching around out in the world too.

The marching isn’t going at all well.  Oh, the hip is fine.  A twinge or two, a lack of stretching ability, but fine for walking.  Unfortunately, the four block walk to the library left me panting as if I’d run a race.  Only when I’d been home awhile did I remember that this had happened before.  After the hysterectomy I was reduced to jelly too.  That’s the time a lifeguard friend brought me home…speaking of embarrassing. 

Oh, I do well now with three hours of labor moving and shuffling books.  I got to do books twice this week….check them over, price, and shelve them.  I made sure there were still books for Joan to do when she came in on Wednesday.  Progress.  I can do twenty minutes of aerobics in the water now.  The much needed tummy tucks, jumping jacks, and toe touches barely phase me.  It’s the distance walking that’s getting me. 

My friend Dianne at Schmidleysscribblins  seems far ahead of me in recovery per her blogging.  Though I’ve hung up my walker and cane, she sounds like she’s dancing in the store isles while I pant.  You just wait, I tell her. I’ll catch up.

Life is Really in the Footnotes:
  He’s also begun a blog here on Blogger.  Long day’s at work mitigated by doing the laundry up and down the stairs twice for each load.  Meeting.  Window shopping at Tar-jay before the National G channel.  We are having fun with that.
  • Herself:  As he can’t find an estate sale he likes, I’m suggesting a trip to the new library.  Poolie’s play tonight.
  • Reading:  A new, to me, mystery author: David Handler.  Not bad.
  • Balance:  Today a quiet afternoon reading.


    1. Walk more...but check with doc about the panting, and if indeed, it is that you need more exercise and weight loss or something else.

    2. Take it slow. The doc has me learning how to use the workout machines a the gym and I'll be do that a couple days a week soon with a bunch of other elders.

      I'm proud of you!!!!!

    3. Our bodies like get soft really fast when we are inactive even for a bit, dratted things. Go gently but keep going.

    4. I'm starting to get back into real life again. Thanks for mentioning my loss in your blog ~ that was so sweet. Hoping you continue to get stronger every day.

    5. Maybe you are expecting too much of your body too quickly. I agree with the noter who said to mention the shortness of breath to your doctor. You accomplish more daily than people half your age!

    6. Yes, our bodies very quickly "lose condition" (as my farmer father used to say) when we have a period without exercise. Hopefully that is all that has happened to you and you will quickly get your puff back. If you continue to be breathless, please tell your doctor.

    7. HaHa. I haven't been able to get outside for several days owing to rain, rain, rain. But I have had the breathless bit before (after the big H), and may again when I try to go around the block. Six more weeks before I can go to the pool, but doc removed the staples yesterday. You are doing well. Don't compare our different stages of development. Remember, I skipped the rehab and the awful chicken meals. Dianne

    8. "Health is the best wealth" my grandma used to tell us this. I am so bad in going to gym or work out. Rather I prefer to go for a walk!

    9. Yea, Mage! That's the spirit! I know you can do it. Good for you. I think it's great that you and Dianne can go through this together.

    10. 'Comparisons are odious.'
      You will get back to normal in your own time.


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